Did you know that the City of Escondido maintains a fleet of 670 vehicles? The City of Escondido owns and maintains all public safety vehicles as well as numerous other vehicles that assist with City operations. Often unrecognized, these assets are crucial to daily City operations.

The life cycle of vehicles and equipment range from 8 years to 20. When we purchase or replace vehicles, we use two purchasing methods: formal bid and cooperative purchase.  While formal bid provides local vendors the opportunity to bid on vehicles, City Staff is also responsible to purchase in the most advantageous way possible to benefit  tax payers. Cooperative purchase allows public agencies the ability to obtain greater discounts through buying power of similar products.

When replacing City vehicles, City Staff members use a comprehensive vehicle replacement evaluation process including age, miles, condition, reliability, and specific failure history.  Rather than look at just age, we use the following adage “Every vehicle will be addressed individually” when evaluating for replacement. This provides optimal timing for replacement.

Keeping a reliable fleet of vehicles and equipment ensures public safety and maintains City services. Equally important, a rigorous replacement evaluation ensures the appropriate use of taxpayers’ funds.