The purpose of this program is to recognize companies within the city of Escondido, the Environmental Excellence Awards honors those facilities that demonstrate a commitment to environmental compliance. Environmental Excellence Awards are presented for compliance with pretreatment regulations, most-improved facilities, or those companies demonstrating a commitment to protecting our City sewers, storm drains and watersheds. The top four Escondido companies who show exceptional efforts that help reduce water pollution, show concern for the environment and our community with which they do business, will be awarded with an Environmental Excellence each year.

The City of Escondido would like to recognize businesses within the City of Escondido that demonstrate a commitment to environmental compliance and who show exceptional efforts to help reduce water pollution, keeping our City clean.

The following 3 companies were chosen by our Pretreatment and Environmental Compliance staff to be given a 2011 Environmental Excellence award for being environmental stewards in the community.

Esperanza's TortillariaEsperanza's Tortillaria

Awarded for cooperation and dedication to compliance

Esperanza’s Tortillaria made significant improvements to their grease interceptor system to reduce odors. They installed a time released drip system to eliminate the sulfides discharged to the sewer system.  Esperanza’s staff was cooperative and demonstrated the desire to be compliant at all times.


Harborlite CorporationHarborlite Corporation

Awarded for reducing pollution

Harborlite did a complete upgrade to their process plant to eliminate Perlite from leaving their property through the storm drains and air. They completely enclosed their packing plant, changed all conveyor belts that were letting the Perlite get airborne, and enclosed the waste bins. Harborlite  also set up a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and purchased an industrial sweeper where they sweep up all waste daily.


SCP Distributors

Awarded for installing additional pollution prevention equipment

SCP Distributors helped reduce possible contamination of sewers and storm drains by installing two large covers at their business, a cover for their acid product and a cover over their chlorine product. They also have a spill berm in place for their products and implemented a sign off sheet for daily yard clean-up.