I am pleased to announce that the Escondido City Council recently revived the Façade and Property Improvement Program to provide incentives to small businesses to improve their properties. It was first established in 1988 and focused on businesses in Escondido’s downtown.

Since its start, the program has grown to include all commercial districts within the City limits. To date, over 150 properties have taken advantage of this successful program, which has awarded over $900,000 in matching grant funds representing $9.8M in private investment. Our expanded program increases the maximum grant awards to twice their previous amounts (so a property with 150 linear feet of frontage can now qualify for up to $20,000 in grant funds), considers all public ways “frontage” so our businesses which have high visibility on alleyways can be eligible for additional funds and provides additional funds for our pedestrian-oriented areas like our historic Downtown and the Escondido Creek Trail. Escondido is committed to our business community’s success by providing tangible incentives to encourage private investment.

For more information about the Façade and Property Improvement Program, contact Michelle Geller in the City Manager’s Office at (760) 839-4587 or mgeller@escondido.org .