CONTACT: Gabrielle Restivo

PHONE: 760-839-4039

The City of Escondido currently holds approximately 400 trust deposits made by individuals and companies for various engineering permits and approvals from 1983 through 2011. The City of Escondido is looking for the depositors in order to return the funds.

Deposits were required to ensure performance and clean-up for a variety of activities, including:

  1. Project Site Improvements
  2. Grading & Erosion Control
  3. Undergrounding Facilities
  4. Monitoring Wells
  5. Demolition
  6. Swimming Pool Installation
  7. Temporary Sales Trailers
  8. Rentals

The noticing process begins this Sunday, November 8, with the noticing of fifty deposits. This process will continue over the next several months until all eligible deposits are noticed.   Noticing methods include a mailed notice to depositors followed by two public notices in two consecutive Sunday editions of the Union Tribune of North County. Claim forms will be included in the mailer and will be available at the City’s Engineering Department’s public counter at 201 North Broadway, Escondido, CA 92025. Claim forms will also be available on line at

“We are making every effort to return the funds to the rightful depositors by researching addresses, doing a direct mailer, and publishing lists in the local newspaper and on the City’s website. This process will also support the City’s efforts to finalize any outstanding engineering work tied to the deposits,” said Gabrielle Restivo, Management Analyst.

If you still have questions after visiting the City’s website, please contact Gabrielle Restivo at (760) 839-4039 or via email at