Empowered Futures: The Escondido Union High School District’s Commitment to Excellence

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An Escondido Union High School District graduate. Courtesy EUHSD

The fervor and anticipation surrounding the Escondido Union High School District (EUHSD) 2023-24 academic year remains as tangible now as when the doors first flung open. An unwavering commitment to equip students for college, career, and life, EUHSD offers a diverse curriculum across its five campuses: Escondido, Orange Glen, San Pasqual, Valley, and Del Lago Academy. 

“Whether in the classroom, library, Learning Center, or on the field, each student is provided the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to prepare for a successful future,” said Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Dr. Martin Casas. 

For nearly 130 years, EUHSD has been a cornerstone of educational excellence in the community — proudly embracing the responsibility of public education for all. The district’s dedication to inclusive education is evident in its enrollment, which exceeds 6,500 students. Within this rich tapestry, 81% of students are eligible for free and reduced lunch, 23.4% are English language learners, 15.9% are special education students and .3% are foster youth. 

A focus this year continues to be the Free Advanced Placement (AP) Program, where the district covers the cost of AP exams for all students. The move resulted in a 48% increase in students taking at least one AP exam, breaking down financial barriers to advanced coursework.

“The district believes all students can achieve at high levels,” Casas said. 

EUHSD students access a wide spectrum of learning opportunities from nationally recognized AP courses to college and career technical education pathways. The district strongly emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, independent study, after-school enrichment, and career exploration. 

EUHSD’s Dual Enrollment and Middle College programs provide a seamless transition to higher education. Through a partnership with Palomar College, students can pursue community college courses and high school classes simultaneously. Additionally, EUHSD provides the chance to earn an associate degree and high school diploma through its Middle College at Orange Glen program. 

A woodshop class at San Pasqual High School. Courtesy EUHSD

The Career Technical Education (CTE) program is another key initiative for EUHSD. Presenting diverse vocational pathways from agriculture, auto mechanics, and journalism to new programs such as advanced digital photography and wood innovation and design, students gain practical skills that will serve them well in future careers. 

Casas says community engagement will be even more prominent in the district’s future. Escondido Adult School is an integral part of this mission, where over 5,000 students each year complete a high school diploma, learn a new skill or trade, or develop hidden talents and passions. 

“Our schools are evolving into hubs that offer resources and opportunities to both students and the broader community,” Casas shared. 

Looking ahead, EUHSD students will be trained leaders in addressing pressing issues such as sustainability and environmental stewardship. Future educational initiatives will integrate more advanced technology for immersive learning such as robotics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to personalize learning experiences. 

The district’s robotics program already stands as a testament to its ingenuity. With numerous local, city, regional, and national championships, EUHSD’s robotics teams exemplify the potential within its student body. 

“The Escondido Union High School District’s tradition of excellence remains steadfast, constantly growing and adapting,” said Jennifer Schoeneck, Director of Economic Development at City of Escondido. “With a dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and empowering students, EUHSD is shaping the future leaders of our community.” 

For more about the Escondido Union High School District, go to www.euhsd.org.


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