Water Quality Brochures

Everyone who lives, works or visits Escondido plays an important role in minimizing the effects of urban runoff and safe-guarding the water quality in the receiving creeks. These informational brochures show how to minimize our influence on our waterways. 

New! Help us protect and improve the quality of urban runoff and stormwater:

Ayúdanos a reducer el impacto de la escorrentía de aguas pluviales:


Outdoor events must comply with storm water regulations:

To report pollution or water waste violations use Report It! or call Public Works 760-839-4668.

Community members are invited to take part in opportunities offered throughout the year to learn about our City's water resources. Water is a vital component in sustaining a healthy community, which is why learning how to conserve and protect its quality is a benefit for each of us.

  • Home owners can participate in a landscape workshop to learn how to create a California friendly landscape.
  • Teachers are able supplement their science curriculum with water education presentations.
  • Community group presentations can be provided to help interpret and understand water regulations and policies.
  • Water quality brochures are available to learn about how to prevent storm water pollution in your home and business.
  • Participate in Project Clean Water's 52 Ways to Love Your Water pledge campaign.

These events and presentations are available to you at no cost.

Annual 4th Grade Water Awareness Poster Contest
Join the tradition!  Since 1991, 4th graders in the Escondido water district have participated in our annual poster contest.  Each year, a new contest theme is chosen, giving local 4th grade students the opportunity to illustrate the value of our water resources.  Winning students and their teachers are awarded prizes, and will have their art featured in a regional calendar, as well as on the City's website.  See our flier for rules and entry requirements.


  1. No mixed media; must be drawing only
  2. Be original; no copyrighted or trademarked characters
  3. Use lots of color
  4. Do not leave a lot of empty space
  5. Posters are due by (pending Spring 2023 date)

How to Submit Drawings:

  1. Print out entry form
  2. Fill out personal information on page 1
  3. Draw poster inside the box on page 2
  4. Mail to Escondido City Hall by (pending Spring 2023 date)

Download Entry Form

For more information, or if you are unable to print the entry form, please contact water@escondido.org or 760-839-4075.

In San Diego County, the average resident consumes about 120 gallons of water each day, with more than half of the water being used for landscape irrigation. Fixing leaks and making minor repairs or adjustments to your irrigation system can save you water and money. The Environmental Programs group is committed to providing customers with tools to assist with outdoor water management.