Dixon Lake Fishing Map

  1. Boat Dock Cove – Good for trout and bass.
  2. Pier #2 – Handicap accessible; end of pier good for catfish during warm months; rock pile below end of pier good for bass during spawn.
  3. Trout Cove – Excellent trout; location of underwater pipe supplying water to lake; occasionally large bass caught here.
  4. Jack Creek Cove – Good trout area during spawning seasons.
  5. Pier #3 – End of pier good for catfish during warmer months and trout as the shallow waters warm during late season; sporadic bass fishing.
  6. Catfish Cove – Excellent catfish fishing from deeper waters in center of cove; excellent bass fishing in shallow waters during spawning season.
  7. Pier #4 – End of pier excellent for catfish during warmer months; sporadic trout fishing.
  8. Bass Cove – Cove and adjacent rocky point excellent for bass during spawning seasons.
  9. Whisker Bay – Excellent trout; one of the most consistent on lake; good bass and catfish fishing during seasons.
  10. Buoy Line – Excellent catfish fishing during warmer months; excellent trout fishing on trout stock days and from deep waters from the center of the line, as the shallow waters warm during late season.
  11. Bass Point – Good bass fishing among rocks at end of point.
  12. Catfish – Excellent catfish hole; remains good through fall into winter.