There will be no Weekly Update the week of December 23 or December 30.


No special events are scheduled until January.



  • On 12/11/13, staff participated in the first meeting of a new Permitting and Planning Committee formed by the San Diego North Chamber of Commerce, consisting of chamber and building industry representative and local planning directors from the North County jurisdictions. The committee is intended to build relationships between cities and Chamber members in the building industry, and will meet monthly.
  • An application has been submitted to demolish and reconstruct the Taco Bell restaurant and drive-through at 627 N. Escondido Blvd. and to construct a new office and storage building.
  • The Bear Valley Power Plant (BVPP) straddles the property line of two City-owned parcels, one of which is in the unincorporated area. Currently, the City sells energy generated at the BVPP to SDGE for about $0.04 per kWh (price varies depending on time-of-day); this transaction is accomplished via a standard power purchase agreement (PPA). There is an energy sales rate tariff (called RES-BCT) that, rather than resulting in cash payment for the energy, would generate a credit which could be applied to any Water Fund electricity account.  The advantage of RES-BCT over the current PPA is the monetary value of each kWh.  Under RES-BCT, we would receive about $0.10 per kWh – more than double what we receive now. To qualify for RES-BCT, the generating facility (as defined by the meter location) must be under the same jurisdiction as the accounts receiving the credit; the meter is located on the portion of the building in the unincorporated area and cannot be easily relocated.  Therefore, the Utilities Department has requested to initiate annexation of the County parcel to bring the entire site within the City limits. The property is in the area that Council previously authorized to initiate annexation as part of the request Sager and Von Seggern request, under the assumption that all costs associated with the annexation would be borne by the developers. Since no private application has come forward for the annexation, the City can proceed separately at its own expense (paid by the Utilities fund) for the prezone and annexation. The estimated cost is $13,000-$15,000 for the City annexation if processed separately and would take 4-6 months, with costs anticipated to be offset by the energy credits.

Major Projects Update:

  • Oak Creek (NUW) - On 12/13/13, Engineering and Planning staff had a productive meeting with NUW and their consultants to discuss the Oak Creek project. Discussion focused primarily on the proposed street improvements, specific alignment plan design for Felicita and Hamilton, traffic analysis, and hydrology. Staff and the applicant came to agreement on the necessary submittals from NUW to move the project forward along with a commitment by the City to designate staff to expedite the project. A project schedule and action items have been provided to the applicant.
  • On 12/10/13, the Planning Commission approved the Precise Plan for the freestanding, 7,989 SF Black Angus restaurant at the Westfield Mall. The commission also approved the master plan modification for the Promenade Shopping center to construct a 2,908 SF Chick Fil-A restaurant and drive-through.
  • Pickering Annexation – Following the Council action to initiate the annexation last week, the developer immediately submitted an application for the proposed annexation, tentative map and development agreement for a 13-unit subdivision on a 4.17 acre site in the Stanley/Lehner area; the application is under review.
  • Zenner Annexation - A request to initiate annexation has been submitted for approximately 12 acres north of Vista Avenue at Lehner for a proposed 36-lot subdivision. If initiated by the Council (scheduled for 1-15-14 agenda), this will be the sixth subdivision proposed in this portion of the North Broadway deficiency area to be developed by Pacific Land Investors.
  • Zak/NCA Development – The applicant has not provided any new submittals in response to the incomplete letter sent on 12/6/13.
  • Westfield Digital Sign – Staff has completed negotiation of conditions pertaining to the type of advertising that will be permitted on the freeway-oriented LED sign. Assuming Westfield concurs with the proposed conditions addressing the sign provisions, the project will be scheduled for Council consideration on 1-8-14 as a BEZ request.

Building Division:

  • Building had a very busy week issuing permits with 60 permits issued with a valuation of $508,735, well above the weekly average of approximately 35. Most of the permits were of the minor type (i.e. tenant improvements, reroofs, water heaters, sign etc.). The building counter averaged 29 daily sign-ins and inspections averaged 27 per day. Building issued 14 more photovoltaic permits this week with 457 issued for the year.
  • The California Energy Commission has extended the effective date for the 2013 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24) from January 1, 2014 to July 1, 2014. The extension will allow time for software upgrades and training.


2013 - 2014 Pavement Repair and Rehabilitation Program:

The concrete contractor has completed the construction of the pedestrian ramps at Tulip Street and 9th Avenue. The concrete contractor has removed the existing concrete improvements at 9th Avenue and Vine Street in preparation to replacing them this week.

Grape Street Public Improvement Project:

The contractor is onsite potholing utility conflicts and preparing for additional water service replacements. Thirty-two new services have been completed to date. The contractor is scheduled to perform five more service taps on December 19.   

Escondido Creek Trail Lighting:

The contractor has completed the installation of all bike path light poles.  The electrical service points have been completed and a request for service has been placed with SDG&E.  The contractor will begin to install wire along the project limits this week. 

Traffic Signal Construction: Fig Street and El Norte Parkway

The City survey crew will complete the field survey of the existing improvements this week.

Encino Drive & El Dorado Drive- Storm Drain Replacement:

The contract was signed on December 16 and a Notice to proceed was issued for December 17. The contractor has mobilized his equipment and manpower and has established a laydown yard along Encino Drive. The construction schedule calls for the installation of pipe to begin on December 18.

Private Development

Stone Brewery Traffic Signal:

Traffic striping has been completed along with signal timing in preparation of activating the traffic signal on December 17.

Cox Communication- Auto Park Way between Andreasen Drive and Citracado Parkway:

The contractor is continuing with conduit installation on Andreasen Drive between Market Street and Enterprise Street. Electronic message boards are being used to notify that businesses are open during construction.

1146 East Valley Parkway- McDonald’s Restaurant:

A preconstruction meeting was held on-site in preparation of issuing the grading plan. The first item of work will be the removal of all surface improvements from the old structure and parking lot. Demolition will begin December 30.


  • The Jaycees Christmas Parade was well attended and there were no problems.
  • Currently PD has 1,239Twitter and 1,260 Facebook followers.
  • Grape Day Park Task Force:
    The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 1195 extra patrols in the park, 189 field interviews, 94 citations and 97 arrests.  The Bike Team Officers, Adan Martinez and Russ Whitaker, continue to focus their efforts in the downtown area including Grape Day Park, Maple Plaza and Signature Pavilion, along with our two Community Policing Officers Bill Havens and Lew Shaver.  There were no significant arrests reported.  

Now that the city has allowed leashed dogs in Grape Day Park, signs prohibiting dogs were removed on December 17, and new signs are on order. Also, dog “sanitation stations” are currently being researched for installation.

The Festival Navideno event was held at Grape day Park on Sunday, December 15. Approximately 200-250 people attended this festive Christmas event.

There were no significant crimes reported during this week by CCAE or City Hall.

Boys and Girls Club, SD Children’s Museum did not report any problems this week. 

The homeless shelter opened up December 1, 2013. We are already in communication with Sobering Services (NCIC) at 550 W. Washington Ave in order to help facilitate proactive use of the facilities/programs available to the homeless in our community and minimize impact at Grape Day Park and surrounding areas.

The next Task Force Meeting will be in February on a date to be determined.


  • This past weekend turned out to be a very busy weekend for the Fire Department. In addition to the emergency incidents, fire personnel were busy with the Jaycees Christmas Parade and a special fundraiser at Kit Carson Park for a girl diagnosed with cancer. The daughter of one of our Fire Engineer’s plays for a traveling softball team and is teammates with Shelby Arroyo. Shelby Arroyo is a 14-year old freshman at San Pasqual High School. Shelby was diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia on October 26 and has been receiving chemotherapy treatment at Children’s Hospital. Her last treatment required her to stay at Children’s for 30 days. Shelby’s mother is a nurse but was between jobs when Shelby was diagnosed with cancer, so they found themselves without insurance during the initial phases of the treatment. The Firefighter’s Association was able to obtain permission from the girls’ softball league and the sponsor to host the snack bar for both days during last weekend’s Softball Tournament. Between 30-40 firefighters donated their free time to pitch in and help work the snack bar on Saturday and Sunday. They served BBQ Tri-Tip sandwiches; selling out of more than 100 pounds of beef. They also received food donations from Sprouts and concession donations from the Escondido Girls Softball League. It appears that all together they were able to raise more than $6,100 in support of Shelby Arroyo. To learn more about Shelby and see pictures from the event, you can visit or