— Providing Conservation Credits to satisfy the environmental mitigation requirements of development projects throughout all of western San Diego County.

About the Conservation Bank

The State of California Department of Fish & Game and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service have approved the Daley Ranch Conservation Bank's Credits for either in-kind or out-of-kind mitigation for public and private development projects within western San Diego County. This Credit Area extends from the Pacific Ocean to the inland mountain ranges, from the Mexico border to Riverside County.

The eligibility of a development project for use of Daley Ranch Conservation Credits is determined by the Resource agencies on a case by case basis during the environmental review process for each project. For development projects located within a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP), the Plan's mitigation requirements will control the number and type of Credits required for mitigation; for projects not located within an HCP area, the Resource Agencies will determine the number and type of Credits required.

The City of Escondido owns and manages the Daley Ranch Conservation Bank. Within the Conservation Bank there are 2,842 Conservation Credits approved for use as mitigation of five categories of species and habitat. The categories of Conservation Credits are:

  • Chaparral and Unoccupied Coastal Sage Scrub
  • Coast Live Oak Woodland
  • Englemann Oak Woodland
  • Non-Native Grassland (only for development projects within the city of Escondido)

Credit prices vary by habitat category and are all-inclusive, including the management and restoration expenses. After your purchase of Conservation Credits required for your project, you will have no additional costs for on-going mitigation lands management.

For more information, please refer to the Daley Ranch Conservation Bank Flyer.  For further information please contact:

Darren Parker, Associate Planner
City of Escondido
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About Daley Ranch

This 3,058-acre property, previously frequented by Native Californians of the Kumeyaay and other local tribes, is heavily covered with a variety of threatened and endangered species. There are thousands of acres of chaparral and Coastal Sage Scrub, several large stands of Coast live Oak and Englemann Oak, wetlands and non-native grasslands. A number of rare and endangered species, such as the San Diego horned lizard and the California gnatcatcher, live in this type of habitat.

Each of our 2,842 Conservation Credits equates to an acre of mitigation land. The existing approval of the state and federal Resource Agencies and the on-going land management responsibility of the City of Escondido make the Daley Ranch Conservation Bank a valuable source for mitigation requirements of both public and private development projects.

We would be happy to discuss with you the mitigation needs of your development project and the applicability of the Daley Ranch Conservation Bank Credits to your particular mitigation requirements.