1. Bow fishing is permitted at Lake Wohlford on a permit basis only.
  2. A maximum of six (6) archery permits for the taking of carp only will be issued each day.
  3. Applicants must possess a current California fishing license and be a skilled archer.
  4. Each archer must possess a daily lake fishing permit.
  5. Archers under eighteen (18) years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Bow fishing is prohibited on weekends and holidays.
  7. Bow fishing is limited to two (2) persons per vessel maximum.
  8. Bow fishing is only permitted by vessel upon the surface waters of Lake Wohlford.
  9. Shooting into posted/closed areas is prohibited.
  10. Target shooting is prohibited.
  11. In addition to special bow fishing rules, archers must obey all other lake rules and regulations.
  12. Archers must notify lake personnel when they are on the lake and will be shooting.
  13. Archers must be at least fifty (50) yards from the nearest person when shooting.
  14. Archers must shoot downward at close range toward the carp in the water using a fishing arrow attached to a line which is tied off to their bow (includes crossbow).
  15. All fish shot must be retrieved and removed from the lake, no exceptions.
  16. Authorization for bow fishing for carp may be withdrawn at any time by City personnel without prior notice.

Lake Wohlford Daily Bow Fishing Permit Waiver