Next Friday, March 30th, hundreds of classic cars will return once again to the streets of Downtown Escondido to kick off another exciting season of Cruisin’ Grand! We are so proud to have one of the greatest ongoing traditions in San Diego County in our city. Cruisin’ Grand brings thousands of visitors to Escondido every Friday night throughout the summer. It’s an affordable, family-friendly event that appeals to people of all ages, and it is a wonderful way to showcase our historic downtown. Even people who aren’t classic car enthusiasts will enjoy strolling along Grand Avenue, stopping in for a bite at one of our many restaurants and people-watching on those warm summer nights. Each Friday night, awards are given to the most impressive pre-1973, American-made cars. Theme nights include “Fire Truck Night”, “Nitro Night” and “AFX Night.” Cruisin’ Grand runs from 5-9 p.m. every Friday from March 30 to September 28 along Grand Avenue in historic Downtown Escondido. If you’ve never been there, don’t miss it this season! And for those die-hard fans that are already polishing their classic cars, we look forward to seeing you again! For more information and a schedule of events, visit .