The Storm Water program is handled by the Environmental Programs division that also administers the City's Water Conservation program. The City provides educational opportunities through community events and education activities.

Community Presentation

A FREE presentation on the topic of using water efficiently, storm water pollution and its effect on the environment are available. Presentation gives a brief background on the history of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (Storm Water) Permit and how it relates to residents and businesses in Escondido. The Water Conservation presentation goes into detail where our water comes from, how we can protect it, and how to use it efficiently. Please call 760-839-4075 for more details.


Are you a teacher or education professional? Schedule your FREE classroom presentation. Presentations are available to schools and groups of students, grades Kindergarten through 5th. This interactive 45-minute presentation gives the students hands-on experience of how daily activities such as washing a car or maintaining a yard can pollute our creeks and lakes. The students discuss solutions to preventing pollutants from entering the storm drains. Call 760-839-4077 to schedule a presentation. For more information on water conservation presentation, please visit:  School Presentations

Community Fairs and Events

Do you have an upcoming event that you would like the Environmental Programs division to come attend? The Environmental Program division participates in numerous fairs and events throughout the year. Depending on staffing we may be able to attend your event, and share information regarding storm water pollution and water conservation programs. Please call 760-839-4076 for more information.