A well maintained property reflects the pride you have in your home, helps keep the area safe and healthy for you, your family and children, and maintains the city appearance we all want to see in Escondido.

  • Remove accumulated trash, junk, and debris from your property.
  • Check your trash cans to be sure they are stored out of the front yard and out of view.
  • Clean out your garage to make sure there is room to store your vehicle inside. A garaged car is off the streets and less likely to be broken into.
  • Ensure your landscape is well-maintained and weed- free.
  • Drain any standing water to avoid mosquito breeding. 

These are just a few simple property maintenance practices that can make a big difference in your neighborhood. If everyone takes care of his property, the whole community will benefit. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these or any other code enforcement issues, please call the Code Enforcement Division at 760-839-4650.  Thanks for helping to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe for all residents to enjoy.