City of Escondido


Climate Action Plan Documents

The City’s 2013 Climate Action Pan provides a roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of various strategies, goals, actions and supporting measures.

Although the City of Escondido was one of the first group of cities to prepare and adopt a Climate Action Plan in the San Diego region, a lot has changed since then.  We need to reassess Escondido’s greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions and seek out solutions for reducing our community’s carbon footprint. 

At the end of 2017, the City initiated an effort with the help of SANDG to reevaluate Escondido’s Climate Action Plan to ensure compliance with updated state policies and regulations. This means that we will reevaluate GHG reduction targets consistent with State guidelines, refine existing Climate Action Plan strategies, and potentially develop new goals, quantitative actions, and qualitative supporting measures.

As of this writing, City staff is developing the overall work program and project schedule.  It is anticipated that the overall process will involve substantial community input, including public workshops, public comment periods, and regular input from various neighborhood groups. The Climate Action Plan Update will provide an opportunity for our community to make their voices heard, and their actions inclusive. It is anticipated that this Project website will be updated in March 2018 and will include a full Project schedule so that residents, businesses, and other community members know how to stay involved.

To learn more about the planning process, the current status of the Project, or to offer input, please contact Assistant Planning Director, Mike Strong at or 760-839-4556.