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Clarification of State Controller’s Public Employee Compensation Report

Today the California State Controller posted the 2013 Compensation Report online.

As part of that report, the City of Escondido provided detailed information regarding the City’s revenue and expenditures, including the compensation of the City Manager and City Attorney.

The City Manager and City Attorney’s compensation in this year’s Controller’s report appears to be significantly higher than in previous years.   That is because under a provision in their current contracts, they have been authorized to cash out one-third of their accumulated leave balances every year of their three year contracts, rather than only when they separate from the City.   The compensation listed in the report includes the leave payments they received.

The contract provision was authorized by the City Council because as long-term employees, each with more than 25 years of service, their accumulated leave balances are large.   By spreading out their leave payment over three years it relieves the burden of a large one-time payment on the city budget.