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Escondido City Manager Clay Phillips announced today that there was no truth to the assertion made at the March 16, 2011 City Council meeting that Charles Black, a consultant representing the City of Escondido in minor league ballpark negotiations with the Moorad Group, was a current member of the Padres’ Board of Directors. The assertion appears to have been based on erroneous information found on the Bloomberg Businessweek website.

City officials noted that Charles Black, of C.B. Urban Development, was chosen to assist Escondido with its ballpark negotiations because of his years of experience in the development of Petco Park and other municipal projects, including the San Diego Civic Center and the Convention Center expansion.

Mr. Black had been member of the San Diego Padres Board of Directors prior to 2005. He was formerly president of the Padres and had responsibility for the development of Petco Park. In late 2002 he left the Padres and was employed by JMI (John Moores Interest) with responsibility for developing the ballpark district in San Diego. He continued in that role until early 2006 and then became regional manager for the Irvine Company, LLC.

The City is in negotiations with Jeff Moorad to build a Triple A ballpark in Escondido. Mr. Moorad was not affiliated with the San Diego Padres during Mr. Black’s association with the Padres.