Congratulations to the following Escondido residents who were honored at the annual State of the City meeting on February 20, 2013, as recipients of the 2013 City Council Awards for their outstanding volunteer efforts:

Name: Karen Jobe
Field: Arts Education

Name: Scott Kolod
Field: Performing Arts

Name: Victoria Muschek
Field: Business Leadership

Name: Daniel Hurd
Field: Business Leadership

Name: Julie Hurkman
Field: Business Leadership

Name: Arline Whited
Field: Charity

Name: Jim Schneider
Field: Citizenship

Name: Rich Aeling
Field: Community Service

Name: The Hofstetter Family
Field: Diversity

Name: Corie DeAnda
Field: Education

Name: Betty Lou Gibbs
Field: Youth

In addition, this year we introduced a new “Mayor’s Award” which was presented to Alfredo Velasco.