The City of Escondido indexes and maintains records of all found land survey monuments lying within the paved areas of all public roads and streets located within the City limits.

Land survey monuments found in these paved portions of streets are referenced by distance to points set in the adjacent curbs or other permanent structures. These tie point records are depicted on the following centerline tie plans and are made available for public use as an aid in the retracement and establishment of property boundaries.

The following indexed streets where survey monuments were found and referenced are listed in alphabetical order by street name. Not every street within the City of Escondido will have survey monuments or an associated centerline tie plan. Some plans will show multiple survey monument locations along a particular street.

Every reasonable effort has been exercised to maintain the accuracy of the data contained herein. If it is discovered by field observations that a discrepancy may exist with the data depicted on any particular centerline tie plan, please report your findings to the City of Escondido Field Engineering Division to assist the City in maintaining the most up-to-date data available.


Engineering Tech II

John Franko



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