City Councilmember

Escondido is a wonderful community that deserves positive recognition and perceptive representation. I love Escondido and have proudly served as an informed and independent voice on the City Council for the past four years.

I have guarded against the waste of your tax dollars while insisting on quality development, infrastructure upgrades and support of core services such as libraries and public safety. I have been the strongest advocate of neighborhood preservation, restoration of the Escondido Creek Trail and the re-establishment of our wine industry. I have identified ways to support local business retention and successfully courted new businesses to move to Escondido. In addition, I have served as the City's representative on several regional boards and commissions.

I know honesty and hard work as the qualities most admired and rewarded. I welcome public feedback and believe debate is a necessary part of the democratic process. My demonstrated aptitude for fair and logical decision making stems from my degree in accounting and extensive data analysis experience. I will continue to use my analytical skills to enhance efficiency, transparency and access to local government.

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