Contact: Marlene Donner, Fire Marshall, 760-839-5404

The City of Escondido wants to make business owners aware of a recent scam regarding unsolicited fire inspections from individuals claiming to work for the fire department.  Businesses in other cities as well as the City of Escondido have been victimized by individuals claiming to work for the fire department to conduct inspections.  These individuals are dressed as fire department employees usually in a navy blue t-shirt with the word FIRE on the shirt.

The Escondido Fire Department does not use private companies to inspect businesses and fire department personnel always leave a copy of the annual inspection form, which will have Escondido Fire Department at the top of the form.

Legitimate fire inspections are conducted by either Fire Suppression personnel from the fire stations or fire prevention personnel from Fire Administration.  Escondido Fire Department personnel are always in an official fire department uniform with Escondido Fire Department badges, and carry a photo identification card.  If you have any reason to doubt that the inspector conducting the fire inspection is an official fire department employee please contact the Escondido Fire Prevention Bureau at 760-839-5400.