Escondido is Thriving in the San Diego Business Journal
The San Diego Business Journal highlighted some exciting developments happening in the City. These private projects are great examples of how City staff provides efficient and excellent customer service resulting in new projects around our community.


Assessment of the City’s Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) System is Underway 
Two televising crews are working check the condition of all City-maintained storm drains.  Assessment of the first of ten geographical zones is underway in the eastern area of the City.  Short duration lane closures on Midway, East Valley Parkway, Bear Valley Parkway and several other major roadways are expected to begin this week.  Televising will be completed by December 1st and repair of the highest priority pipelines will begin. 

Visit California features Escondido
Visit California highlighted Escondido in their August e-newsletter and social media. Read the full article here


Major Projects Update
The following major projects are currently being reviewed and coordinated with Planning, Engineering, Fire, Building and Utilities staff. A complete description of each project can be viewed here. Updates provided below cover project milestones that occurred last week. 

Commercial / Office:

  1. Escondido Research and Technology Center – East (ERTC) (Developer: James McCann) – A grading plan for a temporary parking lot to serve the hospital was approved June 13, 2016, and the parking lot is now under construction. 
  1. Escondido Research and Technology Center – West (ERTC) (Developer: James McCann) – A plan for a new two-story, 57,000 SF, 52-bed Palomar Rehabilitation Institute was submitted on July 31, 2017 and a letter indicating the application is incomplete was sent to the applicant on August 10, 2017. The facility is proposed in an existing parking lot south of the hospital. 
  1. Centre City Commercial Center (Developer: Todd Dwyer) – Demolition has commenced on the site while plans are going through the expedited plan check process. The expedited plan check process for the grading, building and landscape plans and the final parcel started on July 25, 2017.  Planning and Engineering have returned grading, final map and landscape comments.  


  1. Escondido Self-Storage Facility (Developer: Brandywine Homes, Inc.) – Revised grading, landscape and street and improvement plans were submitted by the applicant on July 14, 2017. Engineering and Planning comments on those plans were returned to the applicant on August 11, 2017. 
  1. Innovative Industrial Development (Developer: Scott Merry, Badiee Development) – The grading plan is ready to approve and permit ready to issue once the cash deposit is posted and the fees are paid. 
  1. North American Self-Storage (Developer: Russ Colvin) – This project is participating in the expedited plan check program. The demo permit has been issued. Building plans were approved by Esgil, Planning and Fire the last week of June. The grading permit is ready to be issued once the cash deposit is posted and fees are paid.

City Projects 

  1. Micro-Filtration Reverse Osmosis (Developer: City of Escondido Utilities Department) – The lawsuit challenging the project approval has been settled and it is expected that a contract for engineering design will be considered soon. 
  1. Lake Wohlford Replacement Dam (Developer: City of Escondido Utilities Department) – A Draft EIR was prepared and issued for a 45-day public review period that began on October 4, 2016 and closed on November 17, 2016. Staff and AECOM are now in the process of coordinating responses to the comments that were received during the public review period. A field visit with staff from the state and federal wildlife agencies took place on May 11, 2017, to review biological mitigation requirements. Staff sent a follow-up letter to the wildlife agencies on June 29, 2017, seeking clarification on the proposed biological mitigation requirements. 


  1. Escondido United Reformed Church (Developer: Brent Cooper) – The grading permit was issued in February of 2016 and then the applicant went through a CUP modification process with Planning to modify the building design. The building plans are in fifth plan check with approvals from Esgil and Fire.  Planning, Engineering and Utilities are still in review. 
  1. Self-Realization Fellowship Center (Developer: John Pyjar, Domusstudio Architecture – The CUP application was submitted on November 14, 2016. Staff reviewed the initial submittal and sent a letter to the applicant on December 14, 2016, indicating that the application was incomplete. The applicant resubmitted revised plans and technical studies on May 19, 2017, and staff has been issuing comments on the various documents. 


  1. Citron (formerly Stella Park) Condominiums (Developer: William Lyon Homes) – Building plans were submitted on April 6, 2017. Esgil and Planning have provided comments. Fire has approved the building plans. The rough grading has been completed on the site. The applicant resubmitted the precise grading plan on July 14, 2017. Engineering returned comments on August 15, 2017. 
  1. Wohlford (Developer: Jack Henthorne) – The Draft EIR has been posted on the city website and released for a 45-day public review period that ended on May 12, 2017. The EIR consultant provided the responses to public comments and a Final EIR has been provided to the Planning Division. City staff is currently working to upload all of the content and schedule the item with the Planning Commission for review and consideration. 
  1. Safari Highlands Ranch (SHR) (Developer: Jeb Hall, Concordia Homes) – A second revised tentative map depicting various minor changes and clarifications to roads, easements and drainage facilities was submitted on April 25, 2017. Revised technical engineering reports as well as responses to staff comments also have been submitted for review. The revised studies have been loaded on the City’s website at the following link: Safari Highlands Ranch Specific Plan - City of Escondido
  1. 701 San Pasqual Valley Rd (Developer: Bob Stewart) – A three-year extension of time for the previously approved ten-lot subdivision (Tract 895) was approved by the City Council on June 7, 2017. Staff comments on the revised tentative map were issued the last week of July. 
  1. Escondido Gateway (Developer: Carolyn Hillgren, Lyon Living) – Building plans have been approved by Esgil, Planning and Fire. Grading plans have been approved by Utilities, Planning and Fire. A street vacation for right-of-way frontage along Grand Avenue is pending. 
  1. The Villages at Escondido Country Club (Developer: Jason Han, New Urban West, Inc.) – Planning staff has provided a location on the city’s website for ECC project-related documents and plans. A 45-day public review period for the Draft EIR commenced on June 28, 2017, and was extended by one-week ending on August 18, 2017. Staff and the EIR consultant hosted an open house on July 31, 2017, to provide information related to the Draft EIR and accept written comments. The EIR consultant is currently drafting responses to the comments that were received. The Draft EIR and appendices have been placed on the city website. This information along with project status and other related information can be accessed at the following link: ECC - City of Escondido
  1. Ivy/Valley Parkway Mixed-Use Development (Developer: Abad Rahan Pars Inc./ Norm Wieme, Architect: The applicant has indicated that grading and building plans are expected to be submitted into plan check soon. The reimbursement agreement for new water infrastructure that will be installed by the project in the adjoining alley is being readied for City Council approval. 
  1. North Avenue Estates (34 lots) (Developer: Casey Johnson) – A new annexation survey of surrounding property owners was mailed out at the request of LAFCO. A neighborhood meeting hosted by staff and the project applicant occurred on August 9, 2017. City staff is currently reviewing survey feedback from surrounding property owners to determine next steps with LAFCO.  
  1. Aspire and The Ivy (Developer: Addison Garza, Touchstone Communities) – The project consists of three separate downtown sites proposed for mixed-use, residential and parking garage project components on Parking Lot 1, Parking Lot 4 and the former Escondido Surgery Center property. Applications were submitted for entitlement processing on June 23, 2017. A project kick-off meeting with the applicant and city staff occurred on July 13, 2017. On July 24, 2017, staff sent a letter to the applicant indicating the project application submittal was incomplete. Subsequent meetings with the applicant and staff have been on-going. 

Building Division

  1. Our building inspectors responded to 159 inspection requests for the week. 
  1. A total of 19 solar photovoltaic permits were issued for the week. The Building Division has issued 613 solar permits this year, to date, compared to 818 issued during the same time last year. 
  1. Building has issued 132 single family dwelling permit this year and 224 multi-family units. This compares with 54 single family dwellings and 88 multi-family dwellings for the same time last year. 
  1. Projects nearing permit issuance are:
  • 917 W Lincoln, 3 new apartment buildings, 9 units.
  • 700 W Grand Ave Gateway project (former police building) 
  1. The construction of the City Plaza three-story mixed use building at 300 S. Escondido Blvd. has completed the framing portion of the project and is requesting and is requesting drywall and drop ceiling inspection. Exterior lath is being installed. 
  1. The Meadowbrook, three-story apartment building with underground garage at 2081 Garden Valley Glen is preparing the building for final inspection. 
  1. Escondido Disposal has received final inspection approval for the administration and recycling buildings and Phase II of their construction is set to begin next week. 
  1. The medical office building at 2125 Citracado Pkwy has completed the 2nd and 3rd floor concrete slabs and framing is on-going. 
  1. The medical office building at 1951 Citracado Pkwy is beginning construction of the building roof framing. Plans have been approved for the tenant improvement portion of the project. 
  1. The Westminster Seminary at 1725 Bear Valley Pkwy is proceeding with the framing all of the buildings. 
  1. The Emanuel Faith Church at 639 E 17th Ave and the Church of Resurrection at 1445 Conway has started the framing of the roof framing structural steel. 
  1. The new Veterans Village project at 1540 S Escondido Blvd has received underground plumbing, partial foundation and masonry inspections for the residential buildings. 
  1. Demolition of the old Wagon Wheel restaurant and motel at 427 W. Mission Avenue is nearing completion. 
  1. Partial foundation inspections have been approved at 999 N. Broadway for the new supermarket shell building. Exterior masonry walls are now being constructed. 
  1. The Ford dealership at 1717 Auto Park Way has commenced on the second phase of construction which includes the interior remodel and new showroom addition.

Code Enforcement

Business Licensing


Public Works Operations


Graffiti Restitution



Capital Improvements 

East Valley Pkwy/Valley Center Road Widening Project
This project will widen the bridge over Escondido Creek north of Lake Wohlford Road, widen Valley Center Road, add medians and landscaping, and construct sidewalk from Beven Drive to the northern City limit.  This project bid on May 25, 2017 and was award by the City Council at the July 12, 2017 meeting.  The signed contract was received on August 8, setting into motion the preconstruction meeting. Staff is developing a web site link which will provide information regarding project status and project contact information. The link will be available on the City’s website in early September.   

Hamilton Lane Pavement Restoration
Engineering Services is working in cooperation with the Utilities Services to address a large section of roadway on Hamilton Lane between Bernardo Avenue and Orange Avenue. This roadway section was added to the scope of paving restoration for the ongoing South West Sewer project. By using the existing work zone, the City is able to push the pavement restoration up two years in the service cycle. The work is scheduled for completion in the coming days. 

Private Development

Pradera - Lennar Communities
No changes to report. Phase 7 homes are being released for occupancy this week. 

Lexington Model Homes - KB Homes
Constructing new sewer main and water main along Lehner Avenue between Ash Street and Vista Avenue. 

Citron Project by William Lyon Homes
No changes from that reported last week: The project is idle at this time; the project is located 2516 S. Escondido Boulevard. 

Tract 932 - Canyon Grove Shea Homes Community
The construction of concrete curb and gutter improvements along interior streets is being completed this week.    

Latitude II Condominiums by a Lyon Homes Partnership: Washington Avenue at Centre City Parkway
The construction of the onsite water main is continuing this week. The signal mast arm has been delivered for the Centre City Parkway/Washington signal modification. The installation of the pole and mast arm will be completed during a night time operation to ease the impact on the Centre City Parkway traffic.         

Veterans Village
The project’s onsite water improvement is continuing this week with work being performed in 13th Avenue.  

Tract 877 – Bernardo Ave. by Ambient Communities
The onsite construction of the asphalt roadway was completed this past week. The construction of 6 street light foundations is the activity this week. 

Palomar Medical Center
Parking lot striping and landscaping of the site is the next phase of construction. The new signal mast arms for the health center campus intersections have been installed and the west bound leg of the two intersections will go into service on Wednesday, August 30th. The parking lots will be opened on Monday, September 11th, all on street parking will be terminated at that time.  

Victory Industrial Park
The grading operation has resumed with the importing of material. The project is located at 2005 Harmony Grove Road and is 5.4 acres in size. 

Centerpoint Project
The offsite water line improvements are continuing this week. Three water main hot taps were performed on Tuesday of this week along Lincoln Avenue.  The project is located at 999 Broadway.

Spring Hill Suites Hotel/ La Terraza Boulevard
The grading operation in continuing this week. Water related construction is occurring in La Terraza Boulevard this week. 

Centre City Parkway Shopping Center:
The demolition of the hotel and restaurant buildings is nearing completion. The project is located at the corner of Mission Avenue and Centre City Parkway. 

Calvin Christian High School:
The installation of a new mid-block pedestrian crossing has been completed and is in operation along Vista Avenue. The system includes two signal poles with high visibility signage along with high intensity flashing beacons. Roadway markings include SCHOOL XING AHEAD legends along with white yield ahead triangular symbols placed 20 ft. in advance of the pedestrian cross walk. 

Escondido Disposal Facility:
The last phase of the facility remodel has begun with the removal of the concrete driveway and sidewalk along Washington Avenue. A temporary driveway approach has been installed east of the old location. 

48 permits were processed in the month of August: 28 SDG&E, 9 Cox Communication, 5 AT&T and 6 private. 






  • On August 17, 2017, OES 8632 and 6412C returned home safely from mutual aid deployment.
  • On September 8, 2017, Cruisin’ Grand is hosting First Responders Night from 5 – 9 p.m. There will be a Code 3 parade on Grand Avenue at approx. 7 p.m. featuring Escondido Police, Fire and SWAT. There will be other city agencies participating with a 1901 horse-drawn steamer an estimated 18-20 engines, a hose wagon and a 32’ piece of steel recovered from the World Trade Center. Police/SWAT will be doing demos near their Command Van and Fire will be giving free rides on the Engines! It is a fantastic, free event open to the public. 



  • On 8/20/17 at 07:03 hours, dispatch received a call for service regarding a Domestic Violence occurring in the driveway of 316 Springtree Pl. The suspect had sexually battered his girlfriend of 10 years. During the incident, the suspect strangled the victim and threatened to kill her. Officers arrived on scene and attempted to detain the suspect, who became combative, and was forcibly taken into custody. Neither officer was injured as a result of the incident.  The suspect was placed under arrest, and later booked into Vista Detention Facility for multiple felony charges.
  • On 8/21/17 at 21:33 hours, an officer responded to a call at 1301 S. Hale referencing a suspicious person/vehicle. The officer attempted to stop a car as it left the area. The vehicle failed to yield and a pursuit was initiated. The vehicle reached speeds of 100 mph and the pursuit was terminated due to excessive speed. The vehicle was located parked off the road in Rancho Santa Fe by San Diego Sherriff Office deputies who had been alerted to the initial pursuit, and was occupied by a female driver.  The EPD officer responded and positively identified her as the driver who had fled from him.  The driver was arrested for Felony Evading.
  • On 8/21/17 at 23:00 hours, a victim saw a suspect (who is known to victim) steal her car keys from 2010 E. Grand Ave. A short time later the victim discovered her car was stolen. The stolen vehicle was broadcast and on 8/22/17 at about 00:48 hours an officer located the vehicle rolling in the area of 7th Ave at Chestnut.  There was a short vehicle pursuit and the suspect foot-bailed; there was no traffic collision. A perimeter was established followed by a search. Air support was not available. The suspect has not yet been located.
  • On 8/25/17 at 18:38 hours, the Gang Enforcement Team (GET) was conducting extra patrol in the area of 520 N. Hickory Street when they heard screams from within an apartment complex. Immediate response to the location resulted in the discovery of three head injury victims. Upon police arrival to the apartment I question, the suspect attempted to flee the area over a fence. He was subdued by a neighbor and taken into custody. Preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect entered the apartment against a Restraining Order and struck his father-in-law with a rock in in the head causing a moderate laceration. A second adult male tenant of the apartment was also stuck in the front and side of his head and suffered a laceration. Both victims and the suspect were treated for injuries at Palomar Medical Center and released. The suspect was then booked into jail on charges on Felony Assault.
  • On 8/26/17 at 20:10 hours, Gang Enforcement Team Officers were on extra patrol in the area of 200 E. Via Rancho (Tavern + Bowl), where the business was anticipating a large crowd for a televised sporting event. A fight broke out in the business and spilled out into the parking lot. A male adult suspect was taken into custody with the use of Pepper spray as he attempted to fight other patrons and responding officers. There were no injuries reported. 


The EPD COPPS (Community Oriented Policing and Problem-Solving) Unit is dedicated to increasing the quality of life for the residents of Escondido through pro-active responses to crime trends and community issues.  Addressing crime and public nuisance in Grape Day Park is one project the Unit has been tasked with, along with patrolling the Downtown Business District and surrounding areas.  

  • 10 arrests were made
  • 5 citations were issued
  • Liaisoned with City Shops personnel to share contact information
  • McAlister social workers rode with officers to provide assistance to the homeless
  • COPPS worked with the VA to obtain housing for 3 homeless persons and a dog
  • Assisted Shops with cleaning up two illegal camp sites
  • Worked with Code Enforcement to identify and close two additional illegal camp sites