• With the City’s strong desire to build the Citracado Parkway Extension and increase the economic development opportunities on that side of town, we will apply for a federal EDA grant (EDA’s Economic Development Assistance Program – Public Works) in addition to the TIGER grant that we submitted several months ago. We have the opportunity to put together an application for approximately $2 million (50% of the cost to finish construction drawings, conduct environmental studies and mediation, and apply for permits). This will create a project that is ready to break ground at any time. And it will allow the City to federalize the project and complete NEPA (which should increase the other funding sources we can pursue). Required match is 50% of the costs of the project. The City has approximately $13-14 million in funds towards this project received in conjunction with the construction of the Palomar Medical Center and additional TransNet funds to use as match.
  • On Saturday, August 24, the Escondido Soccer Club has their opening day scheduled at Ryan Park from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  They have a full day of activities for those players and families involved in the upcoming season.  They are expecting around 2000 players, families, and staff in attendance spread out throughout the day.  There are activities such as carnival style games, obstacle course, fire truck rides, etc., in addition to food and soccer.



  • A Plot Plan application has been submitted for the proposed Indian Motorcycle dealership at 2129 Vineyard. Staff has committed to expedited processing.
  • A Plot Plan application has been submitted for demolition of the former Toyota dealership at Highway 78 and N. Broadway/Lincoln. The proposed project involves construction of a new 43,500 SF market and a 3,200 SF pad building for a retail use with a drive-through. The applicant has been advised that an Environmental Impact Report will be required to address traffic impacts, based on the significance thresholds in the City’s Environmental Quality Regulations.
  • Bike Walk Escondido held a meeting on 8/13/13. The group is working with City staff to develop goals to make the city more bike and walk friendly. The meeting included a presentation by Bryan Jones who outlined the multiple projects completed in Carlsbad. Attendees included City staff from Engineering and the Escondido Police Department Bike Team as well as several youth from Escondido Education COMPACT. The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 17, 6:00 p.m. in the Mitchell Room.


  • Building issued 28 permits for the week with a total valuation of $228,195. The majority of the permits issued this week were of the minor variety (tenant improvements, additions, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, signs, reroofs etc.). Photovoltaic permits continue to lead the permit activity for the year with 216 issued so far this year and 10 for the week. Walmart appears on schedule for a September 1-7 opening. 
  • The 2013 Building Code books have arrived and are being reviewed in anticipation of the January 2014 adoption.


  • San Diego Habitat for Humanity will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a Family Reunion at the Elm Street site on October 21 and the City is invited. Among the festivities will be a mortgage “burning” for the first Habitat family who has paid off their home – Escondido residents Irma & Jose Cortez! Between now and then, Habitat will initiate “A Brush With Kindness” program to do some home repairs and sprucing up in the neighborhood, with a large work day on September 25. Attached is a Save the Date card for the party on the 21st as well as a project profile for the proposed Elm Street project.


Grape Street Public Improvement Project:

SDG&E has mobilized their construction crews this week. Construction signs are in place notifying residents that Grape Street is restricted to residential access only during the week day operations. Construction of the replacement gas main should be completed in two months.

Private Development:


The stocking of the store is continuing and the grand opening is set for the first week of September.

Lincoln Avenue @ Midway Drive Gas Main Replacement and Testing Station:

Staff was notified at last week’s meeting that equipment needed for completion of the project is on back order. Reporting on this project will resume once the equipment is delivered.

Cox Communication Downtown System Upgrade - Phase 2, 3 and 4:

The project is idle again this week. Staff has contacted the Cox governmental liaison to request a firm completion date.

Contempo Townhomes -Tract 921:

The underground contractor performed a major water line tie in on Orange Avenue between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue. The construction of the water main located in the alley is on hold - pending redesign.

Mission Avenue 69KV Electrical Line:

SDG&E is continuing splicing in the vaults located on Mission Avenue at Centre City Parkway.

Resurrection Church - Storm Drain in El Norte Parkway:

Plans have been submitted for the redesign for the project on El Norte Parkway. The installation of the storm drain pipe isn’t expected to begin until next week.

AT&T Vault Installation - Escondido Boulevard & 2nd Avenue:

The surface restoration is complete. The contractor is onsite addressing the ground water issue, which requires the water proofing of the new vault. All temporary traffic control equipment has been removed and all lanes of travel have been reopened.

Del Lago Academy:

The school year has begun for the new Escondido campus. Staff monitored the vehicle travel and drop off patterns. No problems were reported.

Palomar College - Escondido Education Center:

Two existing street lights will be transferred to their new foundations along East Valley Parkway this week. Reconstruction of two existing driveway entrances located along East Valley Parkway will be performed this week. The school year began on Monday for the remodeled campus. Access was restricted to the three driveways along Midway Drive. Staff monitored the vehicle travel and reported no problems.  



  • The Police Department’s Facebook page is currently at 991 likes.
  • The PAL Basketball Game last Saturday at EVCC was a success. 
  • Testing for new police officer hires  was held on Monday at the Police and Fire HQ
  • Grape Day Park Task Force:

The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 869 extra patrols in the park, 148 field interviews, 77 citations and 80 arrests.  The Bike Team officers Adan Martinez and Russ Whitaker continue to focus their efforts in the downtown area including Grape Day Park. They made three arrests this week, the first at Maple Plaza for a person wanted for an outstanding warrant.  The other two were for narcotics possession at Signature Plaza.

There was only one call for service at Grape Day this past week.  Someone reported a person who appeared to have a mental disability yelling near the children’s playground.  Officers arrived within three minutes, but the person was already gone. 

A Park Ranger is assigned to Grape Day Park on Saturdays and Sundays and has been assigned to open the public bathrooms during the weekends. Although this has been a help, there are still complaints regarding the portable toilets which will be addressed.   

The fencing around the recently removed eucalyptus tree has been installed.   Signage explaining the reason for the tree being removed and that it will be incorporated into the soon to be installed play structure, will be posted shortly. 

CCAE reported they were victims of three incidents of tagging with a “Sharpie” pen. The graffiti appeared to be tagging graffiti and was easily cleaned up.   

Classical Academy will be opening again next Monday and will have nine security officers in and around the park. They will communicate with EPD and CCAE any problems they encounter.

Wendy Barker reported that the Movies in the Park are over, but were a great success.  The attendance this year was much greater than in years past.  There were no problems reported and many of the attendees mentioned how they enjoyed the movie and the park. 

Eddie Goldberg mentioned that he still is experiencing vandalism at Signature Plaza.  The vandalism last week includes a broken concrete table, (apparently retaliation for the table being moved to a more public area), and his umbrellas were cut again with a knife. He also reported persons sleeping overnight behind the complex near the dumpsters. He has been in communication with his security company who continues to monitor all areas of the property.  The bike team and beat officers will continue to make extra patrols of the plaza. 

Craig Jones from Interfaith services provided an update on the closure of the Sobering Services as well as the North County Regional Homeless Plan and the potential effects it may have on Grape Day Park and Escondido.     

Plans are under way for the following events in the park. Grape Day Parade and 5K Run, September 7, 2013, and City of Escondido 125th Anniversary Celebration, October 6, 1-4 pm. 

The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday, September 10. 


Ferandell Tennis Courts, Inc. started the Tennis court resurfacing project on Monday, August 19 at the Ray Love facility in Kit Carson park.  6 courts will be resurfaced and the wind screens will be replaced on all 10 courts as well as a new shade cover over the bleachers. Fernadell and their material supplier will also be donating 10 new nets for the courts. Resurfacing is expected to be completed by Monday, 8/26. New wind screens have been ordered from the supplier and will be installed in 3-4 weeks.