August 19, 2015


For the second consecutive month, City of Escondido water customers reduced their water consumption.  In July residents reduced their water use by 40%, double our goal of a 20% reduction. 

Also, beginning in July 2015, the SDCWA imposed drought limits on water deliveries to TSAWR customers (i.e., farmers) and Municipal/Industrial customers (i.e., everyone else).  Our monthly delivery limit for each group is shown below, along with the actual water delivery from the SDCWA to Escondido for July 2015.  All water volumes are given in acre-feet (af).   One af = 326,000 gallons = 0.326 MG.  To put it another way, one million gallons (1 MG) is about 3 acre-feet. 

So far, both customer groups are well below the limit necessary to avoid penalties. 

                                                     Monthly Limit               July Deliveries                   % of Limit

Municipal/Industrial                       1,895 af                       1,293 af                                68%

TSAWR (agricultural)                       265 af                          221 af                                83% 


  • Nerd Con™ is having its inaugural convention this Saturday, August 22, 2015 at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido.  Nerd Con is a convention built from the ground up for nerds by nerds. There will be 80+ vendors, panels, demonstrations, and more. Cosplay, Gaming, Anime, Comics, Art, Tech, and many more awesome nerdy things all in one place. Tickets start at $20 for General Admission and VIP tickets are $50. To purchase tickets please go to:
  • Escondido Shines will hold its final free summer concert at the Kit Carson Park Amphitheater this Saturday, August 8, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. The “Too Much Fund Band” will be performing.   For more information about the concert series please visit:
  • The “Lake Hodges Free Chipping Day”  will take place this Saturday - August 22, 2015

From  8:00 a.m. to 1:00 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at

2255 Felicita Avenue (see attached flyer



  • The Phair Company submitted an application for a mixed-use planned development for the property at the southwest corner of Ash Street and Washington Ave. (currently owned by the City). The proposed project (referred to as “Paseo Escondido”) consists of 26 one-bedroom and 96 two-bedroom apartments (122 units total) in three four-story buildings, and two 5,000 SF commercial buildings (10,000 SF total) oriented around an outdoor plaza.
  • A research project has been approved at Daley Ranch as part of the Southern California Mountain Lion Study. The project will be conducted under the sponsorship of the University of California Davis, currently funded by SANDAG. The project involves the placement of trail cameras for detection of mountain lion activity. Cameras will be placed in areas not normally frequented by people.
  • Valiano (County project) - Staff is coordinating with the developer and County staff to resolve concerns regarding significant unmitigable traffic impacts for the proposed 326-unit residential project located in the unincorporated area of Eden Valley.
  • Major Projects Update:
    • Oak Creek (NUW) – A LAFCO hearing date has been tentatively scheduled for October 5th.
    • Amanda Estates (NUW) – LAFCO approved the reorganization (annexation) at their August 3rd
    • Centerpointe 78 Commercial – The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been released for a 45 day public review period ending Sept. 28th. The Draft is EIR is available at the following link:
    • Pradera - Grading is underway. Plan check comments have been provided on the building permit applications for the model homes. Staff is reviewing a variance application submitted to address setback issues relating to the location of the perimeter walls; the variance request is tentatively scheduled for Planning Commission in September.
    • Zenner - LAFCO has tentatively scheduled the project for consideration on Sept. 14th.
    • Kaen Planned Development (2516 S. Escondido Blvd.) – Staff is reviewing a revised planned development submittal for “Stella Point Condominiums”, submitted on Aug. 5th. The applicant is pursuing selection of consultants for preparation of numerous technical studies and the CEQA document which is anticipated to be a mitigated negative declaration.
    • Wohlford – A letter has been sent for the proposed 55-unit residential subdivision and planned development at 661 Bear Valley Parkway advising the applicant that the application is incomplete and identifying the necessary submittals to continue processing the application. The applicant is coordinating with staff regarding a Specific Alignment Plan for Bear Valley Parkway and is conducting technical studies. Staff is preparing a Request for Qualifications for consultant preparation of an EIR. The tribal notification pursuant to AB52 has been sent.
    • Latitude II – The applicant continues to negotiate with the owners of adjacent properties regarding several issues that affect their proposed site plan, parking and sewer improvements. On July 28th, the Planning Commission recommended approval by a 4-3 vote; the case is scheduled for City Council hearing on August 19th.
    • Shea Homes (Tract 932) – Staff approved the substantial conformance determination for the revised tentative map for the 179-lot residential subdivision known as Hidden Valley Ranch. Comments have been provided on the grading plan. Street names have been approved. The Precise Plan application was submitted on Aug. 6th and is under review; the application will include review of proposed park amenities as well as setback issues on 9 lots where the proposed units do not meet the setback requirements of the planned development.
    • Safari Highlands – The tentative map and specific plan application have been routed to outside agencies for comment. Staff is reviewing qualifications for an extension of staff for engineering services. Discussions are underway regarding the need for consulting services to prepare the Municipal Services Review and Sphere of Influence (SOI) update. A status update is scheduled for City Council discussion on Aug. 26th regarding expanded boundaries for the SOI update.
    • Felicita Development, LLC - The proposed planned development includes the phased development of a 140-unit hotel, an 80-unit extended stay hotel, a 120-bed assisted living facility and a gas station and car wash located at the southeast corner of Felicita Rd. and Gamble Lane. Additional technical analysis and coordination is needed to address traffic, biology, water and sewer service, geotechnical and storm water concerns, along with a market study for the proposed uses. A letter addressing items and technical studies needed to complete the application has been sent. Staff is coordinating with the applicant regarding a date for a neighborhood meeting.
    • EDI – The draft Mitigated Negative Declaration for the proposed CUP expansion of the existing Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) was issued for a 45-day public review period which ended July 23rd. The project is scheduled for Planning Commission hearing on August 25th.
    • Westfield Theater – The Economic Development Subcommittee authorized expedited processing of the modification to the planned development for the proposed 10-auditorium movie theater. The project will bypass the Planning Commission and will be directly considered by the City Council at a future public hearing. 

Building Division:

  • The Building Division issued 72 permits for the week with a total valuation of $44,490. The permits were mostly plumbing, electrical, mechanical and solar permits. 
  • 28 photovoltaic permits were issued for the week. Building has issued 744 solar permits so far this year compared to 403 issued at the same time last year. 
  • Building inspectors and counter staff had a very busy week with inspections averaging 31 inspections per day with 24 inspections on Friday and counter contacts averaging 39 per day with 38 on Friday. Due to the heavy inspection requests last week, the Building Division “held over” 19 inspections on Friday to be completed on Monday and the city’s Deputy Building Official was sent out to conduct inspections on Thursday to keep up with the increased work load. Staff is exploring strategies to address the demand for inspection services, which is anticipated to increase through 2016. 
  • The 70 unit single family dwelling development “Pradera” at Stanley and Lehner has received the second round of plan review comments. 
  • The 76 unit apartments on 2412 S. Escondido Blvd has received underground plumbing and foundation inspections for all three buildings and is beginning to frame the buildings. 
  • The Black Angus restaurant at Westfield North County mall has received framing inspection approval and wrapping of the exterior of the building has begun. 
  • The Habitat for Humanity residential project at 537 N. Elm St has 3 remaining buildings that need final occupancy approval. 
  • The Meadowbrook Village 3-story apartment building has received underground utility and partial foundation inspection approval. 

Code Enforcement: 

  • As of August 17th, the total number of open code enforcement case is 433 cases, with a backlog of an additional 41 cases not yet opened for assignment and investigation. During the prior week, 93 new cases were opened, and 65 cases were closed. Staff processed 1 public records request (PRR), for a total of 84 PRRs this year to date. A total of 214 signs were pulled. Recruitment is underway for one full-time and two part-time vacant officer positions to assist with the backlog. 
  • Last week the Business License Division received 39 new applications and 124 renewals, and issued 89 new licenses. 


FY 2014-2015 Maintenance Project:
The project has 40 working days for completion which includes crack filing, slurry seal, ARAM and street restriping. The crack fill operation is set to start up again on Thursday, August 20th with over 200,000 linear feet of product being placed as part of this project.               

Private Development 

Bear Valley Parkway between Boyle Avenue and San Pasqual Valley Road (County Project)
The roadway widening of the southern portion of Bear Valley Parkway between Suburban Hills Drive and San Pasqual Valley Road (SR78) is continuing this week. Night time welding of the 16” gas main is scheduled for Thursday, August 20th, at approximately 12:30 a.m. The affected homes have been notified to expect noise similar to a train whistle and  the odor of gas from the release of pressure associated with the 16” gas main tie in. 

2412 South Escondido Boulevard
On site construction of new homes is continuing this week 

Pradera - Lennar Communities
The grading contractor is actively grading phase 3 through 5 of the project. The import of dirt material has been halted this week but will resume by Friday, August 21. The offsite improvement for sewer and water line construction is ongoing.  Work is being scheduled to include Saturday. 

St. Mary’s Church
The grading and work on the public water mains is ongoing. 

Taco Bell Restaurant on Escondido Boulevard:
The old structure has been removed and grading is underway for the new restaurant building which is expected to be reopened by the end of October of this year.   

Future Capital Project

El Norte Parkway
Staff met with a project consultant on August 11th to review the bike/pedestrian crossing concept plan.  Comments were provided to ensure pedestrian safety measures are incorporated in the design, and that decorative arches will be provided at bike/pedestrian path entrances in compliance with the City’s Bicycle Master Plan. 

East Valley Parkway/Valley Center Road
With approval of the new Regional General Permit, work to remove debris from the Escondido Creek Channel in the area of the bridge north of Lake Wohlford Road is anticipated to start in the near future.  Once completed, additional soil investigation will be performed that will allow the project’s bridge design to be completed.         




  • On 8/10/2015, a subject walked up and assaulted an officer who was on an unrelated traffic stop. The subject was arrested.
  • On 8/11/2015, officers responded to a report of an overdose in the 700 block of N. Broadway. Upon arrival, officers found the victim unconscious and not breathing. Despite life-saving efforts, the subject was pronounced dead.
  • On 8/11/2015, officers located an occupied stolen vehicle in the 100 block of Lincoln Pkwy. The driver was taken into custody without incident.
  • On 8/12/2015, officers were contacted regarding an intoxicated subject at the intersection of Ash St. and Valley Pkwy. Officers contacted the subject and determined he had a felony warrant. The subject fought with and injured an officer when they attempted to take him into custody.
  • On 8/13/2015, officers responded to a report of a brush fire at Dixon Lake. Officers provided traffic control for the fire department who quickly extinguished the fire.
  • On 8/14/2015, an officer attempted to stop a vehicle which had previously been reported as driving recklessly. The driver fled in the vehicle and a pursuit ensued from the 1500 block of S. Escondido Blvd. to the 1600 block of Orange Pl. The driver fled from his vehicle and was later taken into custody in a nearby apartment.
  • On 8/14/2015, officers responded to a report of an assault in the 2500 block of Meadow Ln. Officers determined a known subject broke into his ex-girlfriend’s residence and assaulted a male subject.
  • On 8/15/2015, officers respond to the 700 block of N. Midway Dr. on a report of gunshots heard in the area. Officers later determined a shooting had occurred in the area, but no one was injured.
  • On 8/15/2015, officers responded to a vehicle fire at the intersection of Quince St. and Washington Ave. The fire investigator determined the fire to be arson. 


In addition to the two structures that occurred over the weekend here in Escondido, on Sunday morning, Brush Engine 1365 with a four person crew and Battalion Chief John Tenger as Strike Team Leader with Captain Boyer as a Trainee were deployed with the OES Strike Team to Fresno County for the “Rough Fire.” The “Rough Fire” is five miles north of Hume Lake, it is currently 23,600 acres with 0% containment. The estimated containment date is September 15, 2015. The fire is threatening the Hume Lake recreation area which has 450 structures including the Hume Lake Christian Camp. We anticipate that Brush 1365’s crew and our B/C and captain will be assigned to this incident through the end of the month. Most likely we will do a crew swap near August 30th . This will allow the current crew to change out with a fresh crew from our department.  

State Fire Activity Since July 22, 2015:

State Responsibility Area Fires:    518               State Acres:                         114,083

Federal Fires:                                   485                 Federal Acres:                  181,324

Structures Damaged:                       17                 Structures Destroyed:               179

Firefighter Injuries:                         101               Firefighter Deaths:                    1 Fed

Current Large Fire Status:

State Responsibility Area Fires:       2                   State Acres:     27,618

Federal Fires:  15

Structures Threatened:             3,167

Current Large Fire Resources:

**Firefighters:                           9931             **Engines:                                609

**Crews:                                      200                **Dozers:                                115

**Helicopters:                               40

Additional Resources:

Assisting States: 5 (AZ, NM, NV, HI, IN)