• The next meeting of the Economic Development Subcommittee will be held on Thursday, August 21, in the City Manager’s Conference Room.
  • This weekend, August 16th & 17th, Ryan Park will be hosting Cal South Regional league games.  Teams will be traveling in from all over the western region of the United States to compete at the youth premier level for soccer.  They will be using all 8 fields from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.  We expect a very high level of play out of the 40 teams.  It is estimated there will be about 2,000 players and spectators in the Ryan Park area over the weekend. 
  • Since 2010, craft brewing in San Diego County has soared, creating hundreds of new jobs and fostering millions of dollars in new investment. As a region, North County has benefited from this investment. The National University System Institute for Policy Research, in partnership with the San Diego North Economic Development Council, used business records and survey data to measure how North County is participating in the business of craft brewing. The full report is here: 


  • Neighborhood Appreciation Day – Saturday, August 16th in Grape Day Park, hosted by Intercession Church from 10:00 a.m. – 3 p.m. The event is free and open to the public, with activities for children and families. 



  • E. Valley Overlay Area.  They are aware of the commercial code amendment approved last week and that a CUP will be required for any commercially zoned site.  They said that the County would be the lead agency and Escondido a responsible agency.
  • On 8-12-14, the Planning Commission recommended approval of proposed Pickering annexation, 13-lot subdivision, development agreement terms and associated MND by a vote of  5-0 (Weber and Hale absent). The project is tentatively scheduled for City Council hearing on 9-10-14. The commission also considered an appeal of a land use determination made by the Director of Community Development regarding a proposed 99 Cents Only store in the former Fresh and Easy building at 415 N. Ash Street.  The Director’s determination found the proposed store was a “retail use with across the board maximum pricing or ‘everything under’ pricing” and was specifically prohibited in the East Valley Parkway Area Plan. The commission voted 4-0 (Weber and Hale absent, McQuead abstain) to overturn the Director’s decision with a finding that 99 Cent Store is not a retailer defined by the area plan prohibition, thereby allowing the business. The action is final unless appealed within ten days.
  • Major Projects Update:
  • Oak Creek (NUW) – The Notice of Availability of the Draft EIR (copy attached) has been mailed; the public review period runs from August 15 to September 29, 2014. The document has been transmitted to the State Clearinghouse and is posted on the City’s website at the following link:
  • Amanda Lane (NUW) – The application remains incomplete, pending submittal of the necessary letters of permission and easements for offsite improvements, to avoid potential condemnation issues. The project will likely be affected by the Rincon del Diablo MWD Level 2 Drought Alert which suspends consideration of water availability certifications for all commercial and residential projects of more than one home.
  • Centerpointe 78 Commercial: – Staff continues to coordinate with the applicant’s traffic consultant regarding the traffic impacts and mitigation measures in order to finalize the traffic study for inclusion in the Draft EIR.
  • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects: – The Pickering annexation is tentatively scheduled for City Council hearing on 9-10-14. The application for the Zenner annexation and the associated 40-unit subdivision at Vista Ave. and Lehner Ave. remains incomplete, pending submittal of letters of permission for offsite improvements, to avoid condemnation issues.
  • San Diego Veterans Village: Staff has completed review of the initial submittal and provided comments of the proposed Planned Development application for a mixed-use project at 1556 S. Escondido Boulevard. The proposal involves 1.8 acres, 64 multi-family units and 1,690 SF for retail along Escondido Blvd, and includes retention of the adobe office (former offices of Weir Brothers Construction, which used adobe blocks as their signature building material) and demolition of the adobe residences. The applicant is evaluating potential revisions to address the HPC comments regarding the proposed demolition of several historic adobe structures and to address Fire Department concerns. 

Building Division:

  • The Building Department had busy week, issuing 94 permits for the week with a total valuation of $318,953. Inspections and counter contacts were steady with average daily inspections of 25 with 33 on Friday and average daily counter contacts of 33 with 26 on Friday.
  • 20 Photovoltaic permits were issued last week, with 387 so far this year.
  • The Classical Academy at 207 E. Pennsylvania will be requesting a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for the north wing of the school this week.
  • Building has issued 12 more housing units this year than the same time last year and the valuations of all permits has increase by $6,176,000 from the same time last year. Building has issued 297 more permits this year than the same time last year. 

Code Enforcement: 

  • The Quarterly Report of Code Enforcement Activity is attached


Attached is a fact sheet regarding the Regional General Permit. 


Capital Improvement Projects: 

2013/2014 Street Maintenance Project:

This week the contractor completed the first phase of the streets near Orange Glen Elementary and started in the Oak Hill neighborhood between Midway and Boyle Avenue. 

Red Flex Camera Removal:

The contractor is completing punch list items. 

Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza Modifications:

The project bid opening is scheduled for Thursday, August 28.  The project consists of the modification of the water fountain to control water from leaving the water feature area. It will also include the repair and replacement of 180 damaged paver tiles within the plaza and the modification of the 4 pedestrian ramps located at Grand Avenue and Valley Parkway.      

Private Development: 

Lincoln Avenue @ Goldenrod Street 16” Gas Main Inspection:

SDG&E has permits to start excavation of a launch pit on Goldenrod Street on Monday August 11. The work will require a day time closure of Goldenrod Street between Lincoln Avenue and Iris Lane. The work is proceeding and is on schedule.   

Rincon del Diablo Recycled Water Main Extension:

Construction of a 3300’ section of 4” recycled water main began on Monday July 7 along Gary Lane at Nutmeg Street in the Country Club area. All pipeline material is installed and tested with the tie ins to the operating system Tuesday August 5. The permanent repairs to the public roadway have not started. 

Pub Works Operations: 

  • Public Works Operations is recruiting for 2 positions: A part time Department Specialist/Administrative Aide to replace Lisette Hurst, who will be transferring to the Recycle Team at Public Works/Maintenance and a full time Maintenance Technician I/II to replace Allena Watson who recently retired.
  • The Call Center staff created 278 Service Requests during the week ending August 8th.
  • Six new trees of various species were planted on Emberwood Way as replacements for tree which had been removed.
  • 280 storm drain inlet boxes were inspected as part of the NPDES storm water requirements in the south eastern portion of the City.
  • The concrete crew completed a project on Summercreek Way that included the removal of existing sidewalk panels and a driveway apron due to root damage, root pruning, and replacement of the sidewalk and driveway apron.
  • As of August 8, 52 dead trees have been removed for the list of dead trees generated by the recently completed Urban Forest Tree Inventory Maintenance Program.
  • 16 queen palms were pruned on Valley Parkway between Rose and Fig and another 2 were pruned at 2601 O'Brian Place.
  • 504 cubic yards of silt were removed from the pile at Eagle Scout Lake in Kit Carson Park and moved to Ryan Park.
  • 16 tons of asphalt pavement was placed in potholes and street repairs for the Utility Department at various locations throughout the City. 



  • Ed Varso graduated from the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute- Class 354.
  • The Police Department participated in National Night Out with displays at both Grape Day Park and the Police and Fire Headquarters.
  • Dylan Boylan and Rebecca Naranjo both graduated from the 99th Regional Police Academy on 8/7.  


  • We still have ten firefighters assigned to fires in Central and Northern California.