Restaurant Guide

The online version of the restaurant guide is now updated and posted at  In addition it will also be publicized on our Escondido Channel.

Master Plan/CEDS Implementation

I am meeting with various staff members in the City Manager’s Office this week to discuss the establishment of the Economic Development Task Force which will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Master Plan.

Small Business Seminar and Resource Expo

We are working with the State Board of Equalization and Assemblymember Martin Garrick’s office to host a “Small Business Seminar and Resource Expo” in March 2013 at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido.  More details will be provided as they are developed.


Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza

The project is 60% complete.  This week’s activities include installation of colored tiles for the water feature, application of the stone veneer for the stone furniture, tree wells and the compass rose planter wall. The construction of the two trellis features has begun and the placement of the concrete pavers continues on the north end of the project. The contractor will begin the improvements to the Plotners’ frontage this week. A grand opening event is scheduled for Friday, September 7, 2012 at approximately 5:30 p.m.

2011/2012 Pavement Management Project

The concrete replacement continues in the eastern end of Washington Ave at Citrus Drive. The next area of work will along Bear Valley Parkway between Las Palmas Avenue and Sunset Drive. With the school year approaching the City requested the contractor move the paving restoration efforts to Via Rancho Parkway between I-15 and Felicita Road.  The activity started on Monday and should be completed by Thursday of this week. Field Engineering staff members have commented that a number of drivers have slowed to thank them for fixing their streets and to keep up the good work.

SDG&E Circuit Upgrade Along Mission Avenue

The project does not have a start date yet.  The contractors are requesting clarification for construction related items and city staff members are helping to resolve all questions in a timely manner.

Talk of the Town

The contractor has started the onsite portion of his waterline and sewer improvements. Staff members are monitoring the site for compliance issues. The retaining wall and grading of the building pads have begun.

Library Fiber Optic Project

September 4 has been set as a tentative scheduled the start date of the project.



  • Last week the building permit was issued for Stone Brewery’s new 59,815 sf packaging facility at 1977 Citracado Pkwy. This is located immediately south of the existing facility.
  • Target’s new store at Westfield is progressing with the possibility of the contractor turning the building over to Target in approximately two weeks. This will allow stocking of the merchandise, and training of staff in time for the scheduled opening (or sooner).
  • CarMax Detail Canopy submitted for plan check on 7-25-2012


  • The Planning Commission denied a CUP for the proposed Monticello assisted living facility, at 2323 Felicita Rd. The two-story, 75,913 SF facility proposes 125 beds and 48 parking spaces on a 4.31 acre site in the RE-20 zone.  The PC concerns focused on the mass and scale of the facility, parking, and the overconcentration of non-residential facilities (churches, fire station) in the area. Several County and City residents spoke at the hearing, the majority opposing the project.
  • A LAFCO hearing is scheduled for August 6th to consider the Bernardo-Young annexation, to annex three properties under one ownership at the southwest corner of Bernardo Ave. and Vereda Callada. LAFCO staff has recommended that the annexation include Vereda Callada, an unmaintained and substandard County road, contrary to the City Council action; their justification is that this road provides access to the one developed property. The applicant now proposes to withdraw the developed parcel from the annexation request, and the modification has the support of LAFCO staff. The City’s position is that all three parcels should be annexed together, since the developed parcel was provided a sewer connection due to a failing septic system. Staff will attend the hearing to reinforce the City’ Council’s position.



This week the FD has been meeting and training with personnel from the new Emergency Room Department at PMC West. The focus of the training is on emergency room procedures for dropping off  9-1-1 patients to the new emergency room (ER).  The new ER has more treatment rooms, trauma patient rooms, and specialty rooms and is configured differently than the current ER. Another big change is that the helicopter pad is on the roof of the new hospital, so it is important for both the FD and ER personnel to discuss and review the procedures in a training format rather than during an actual emergency. All have found the training to be very beneficial and informative. The next big day will be August 19, when the new ER and hospital actually open for patients.