• Plan 9 Alehouse has submitted an application for a Façade Property Improvement Program grant.  They qualify for up to $15,000.
  • This weekend City of Escondido will be hosting Cal South National Cup Soccer tournament at Ryan Park.  There will be a total of 78 games played on the 8 fields at Ryan Park.  Games start at 8:00 am and will go to around 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday April 27 & 28. This is the first time we have hosted a “National Cup” soccer tournament by Cal South.  The divisions are: Boys – Under 14, Under 15, & Under 17.
  • We have a Softball tournament this Saturday at Kit Carson Park.  The event will run from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday April 25.  The event coordinators have been approved to have a beer garden set up on site outside of the softball complex.  All proceeds of the softball tournament will be going to the Dawn Brejcha Foundation.



  • Building permits were issued on 4/19/13 for Plan 9 Alehouse, the proposed microbrewery at 155 Grand Avenue.
  • Building permit applications have been submitted and plans are under review for the Monticello, the 96-bed residential care facility located at 930 Monticello Drive.

Code Enforcement:

  • The F Street Bookstore located at 237 E. Grand Avenue appears to be out of business. Staff is attempting to contact the property and business owner regarding property maintenance issues.
  • Several individuals were recently found camping behind the wall along La Terraza Blvd. west of 24 Hour Fitness. Camping in this area was first noted in late February, and the campers at that time were issued citations and told to vacate. Staff has requested that the Police Department conduct more frequent patrols in this area.


Oak Hill Modular Site Improvements:

The landscaper is on site digging holes and preparing the soil for the installation of new plant material. The irrigation had its coverage test to determine that landscaping would be adequately watered.

1341 Oak Hill Frontage Improvements:

This project is an extension to the Oak Hill Modular project. The tree subcontractor removed the large Eucalyptus tree from the Public Right of Way this past week. The wall footing is being installed this week along with the installation of a new water service to the residence. The prime contractor has begun to clear the area for the construction of the new street section along Oak Hill Drive.

Painting for Traffic Signals and Parking lot Lighting:

A contractor has completed the painting of 17 parking light poles located on the City Hall campus. The contractor is to begin painting the remaining items of work, i.e., traffic signal poles located at 5 intersection near City Hall. All work is scheduled to be completed by May 4.

Private Development


The installation of the on-site storm drain is continuing. A large portion of the parking lot was paved this past week. The building is continuing at an accelerated pace.

Mission Avenue 69 kv Electrical Line:

The Jack and Bore operation on Enterprise Street started at 11 a.m. on Monday of this week and was completed at 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening with only a 4 foot section of blue granite that slowed the final push into the receiving pit. The next two days will be spent clearing all of the boring equipment in preparation for the remaining installation of the conduit package within the steel casing. The finish paving restoration to the utility trench was started on Monday night along Commercial Street and at the completion of the Tuesday night shift the contractor had completed resurfacing to Mission Avenue/Fig Street intersection a distance of 13,100 feet. The last vault is to set this week at the Ash Street substation. The contractor for the project has now completed 92 percent of the conduit installation. There is approximately 1,100 feet of trenching remaining from the original contractor total of 17,988 feet which should be completed over the next 4 weeks.

Adopt a lot: Heritage Garden

The contractor completed the final installation elements for the paving system used for the Gazebo and pedestrian pathway. The next design element is the installation is a 30 foot tall flag pole.

Lincoln Avenue @ Midway Drive Gas Main Replacement and Testing Station:

The contractor has begun to trench and recess steel plate in preparation for the construction of a 12” temporary gas by- pass pipeline. The contractor will be working 6 days a week Monday through Saturday between the hours of 6 A.M. and 6 P.M. for the next 7 weeks.

713 W 13th Avenue: Redwood Terrace

All of the concrete improvements have been placed with the final clean up items set to be completed by early next week.



  • Escondido Police will be participating in a National Prescription Take back Day on April 27, 2013.   Residents can drop off unwanted prescription medicine at the Police Department  from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Officer Mario Sainz was recognized as the Escondido Police Department Officer of the Year at last Friday night’s celebration in San Diego.  This is a large event throughout San Diego County with representation from each agency. 
  • Grape Day Task Force
    The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 628 extra patrols in the park, 119 field interviews, 71 citations and 67 arrests.

Earlier this week officers made two arrests of Juggalos who were caught in the act of graffiting Maple Plaza.

Community Services has ordered the new benches and tables for Grape Day Park and hope they will be here in time for Amgen. Two new “porta-potties” have been installed adjacent to the south side of the Grape Day bathrooms.  The existing bathrooms have already been repainted, cleaned and secured for use during special events only.

The new playground equipment is still in the selection phase and hope to move forward after Amgen is completed.  On Friday, April 26, a number of tree trimmer crews will donate their time for Arbor day to evaluate, clean up and lace the existing trees in Grape Day, Center for the Arts and Woodward lot.

Signature Pavilion – The security officers have moved their start time to 11 am. in response to a group of Juggalos who have started to cause problems during that time.  Since the security has started their new start time, no new issues have been noted.  The property manager, Eddie Goldberg stated that Classical Academy will start moving into the vacant space above Starbucks.  Cameron Curry, the Executive Director of Classical Academy stated he and his staff will be able to provide additional surveillance of the problems at Signature Pavilion.

Center for the Arts/ History Center/ Classical Academy/ Boys and Girls Club/ Children’s Museum: no incidents to report.

The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday May 14.