April 23, 2014


  • City staff met with Economic Development Administration (EDA) representatives to discuss the City’s request for $3M in EDA funding to support the Citracado Parkway Extension project.  While EDA representatives stated that the project is a good candidate for funding, they recommended that the City re-submit its application after working with the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO).  EDA funding may require an Agreement with SHPO and Native American Tribes.  EDA would like this Agreement to be in progress before agreeing to fund the project.  City staff plan to coordinate with SHPO and re-submit the grant application to EDA later this year.
  • The City Manager has changed the retention policy for City Council meetings to five years.  The City’s videostreaming vendor was able to retrieve and restore City Council meetings back to 2009 which are now available on the City’s website.
  • Sales Tax Net Cash Receipts for the fourth quarter of 2013 increased 12%.
  • According to the California Department of Finance, California has recovered 88% of the jobs lost during the recession.
  • Special thanks to County Supervisor Dave Roberts for his support of Visit Escondido’s grant application which was approved unanimously. The City will be receiving $6,000 to produce a new Tourism Map that will include a new aspect – the much-needed research and organization of information to provide comprehensive biking route trails from leisure riding to higher difficulty levels.  



  • The Healthy Communities Atlas is now available on the SANDAG web site at the following link: http://www.sandag.org/index.asp?classid=12&projectid=482&fuseaction=projects.detail                 
  • The Atlas is a tool developed by SANDAG under a contract with the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) for the Healthy Works program. The Atlas reflects the Healthy Works program's focus on obesity prevention through physical activity and access to healthy foods.
  • Major Projects Update:
    • Oak Creek (NUW) – The EIR Notice of Preparation has been distributed, with comments due on 5/23/14. Preparation of the screencheck EIR is underway.
    • Amanda Lane (NUW) – The application remains incomplete, awaiting the applicant’s revised submittals in response to LAFCO and staff review. The applicant is evaluating offsite improvements for the storm drain design, sewer alignment and alignment of Gamble Lane due to the topographical conditions.
    • Zak/NCA Development –The Planning Commission recommended approval of the project on 4/22/14 by a vote of 5-2 (Weber and Johns voted no).
    • Centerpointe – Payment has been received for the EIR contract, enabling the staff to begin working with the consultant.
    • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects – The Mitigated Negative Declaration for the proposed 16-lot subdivision at 836 Stanley Avenue (Baker) has been issued; comments are due 5/12/14. The project is scheduled for Planning Commission on 5/13/14. Development agreement negotiations are ongoing.
    • Meadowbrook – Staff has reached agreement with the applicant on the terms of the reimbursement agreement for the additional units to address funding contributions for the North Broadway Deficiency Area. The applicant indicates that preparation, review and approval of the building plans will take 6 months, so there is no immediate deadline for scheduling a Council hearing.

Building Division:

  • The Building Division issued 28 permits for a total valuation of $22,693. Building issued 5 photovoltaic permits for a total of 163 permits so far this year. The Building counter averaged 23 daily visitors and inspections averaged 25 per day.
  • Building activity is up significantly compared to last year.  To date, Building has issued 762 permits for a valuation of $21,126,047 compared to 671 permits issued last year to date with a valuation of $12,752,529. 


2013 - 2014 Pavement Repair and Rehabilitation Program:

The paving contractor has completed the final pavement replacement for this project. South Iris lane between Centre City Parkway and Morningside Glen was resurfaced on Monday, April 21. The project now moves into a clean-up stage. Final striping and valve adjustment is the order of work. 

Grape Street Public Improvement Project:

SDG&E has completed their portion of the street light project. City staff has determined that a damaged fuse is responsible for the lights not activating. The low pressure sodium street lights were activated on April 22.    

Private Development 

1146 East Valley Parkway- McDonald’s Restaurant:

Construction of the new #3 lane for west bound Valley Parkway and the #3 lane for south bound Ash Street has been completed and the K rail has been removed from the roadway. The contractor is completing the driveway entrance and remaining sidewalk along the Valley Parkway frontage. The Valley Parkway median island is the next item of work; it will require closure of two travel lanes along the roadway.   

Tract 888-Cambell Court:

Dry utilities are being constructed on site. 

Lincoln Avenue & Escondido Boulevard Gas Main Testing Station:

The project is now complete. 

RedFlex Camera Removal:

Staff has been in contact with the Redflex representative this week.  The development of the traffic control plans is nearing completion. The contractor is looking to deliver the package to City Hall on Thursday, April 24th.    

7-11 Improvement at Washington Avenue:

The contractor will be installing the new rubber median curb along Ash Street on Wednesday April 23. This will complete all of the off-site construction items. A punch list will be developed for the project with the anticipated completion within 3 weeks. 

Black Angus-North County Fair:

The project has been issued its Grading Permit and ground breaking is expected later this month. 



  • Command Staff presented newly appointed Detective Jon Larose his Detective badge on Thursday 4/17.
  • On 4/17 Chief Carter attended the Attorney Generals Awards Banquet, where Detective Jackson was honored for his great work on a child abduction case.
  • On 4/16 Chief Carter, Captain Benton, Captain Loarie and Lt. Skaja attended the academy graduation of Officer Santo LaCorte and new hire Thomas Lussenden.
  • Grape Day Park Task Force Update:

    The Police Department continues its enforcement details as call volume allows, up to several times a day in the Grape Day Park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the Police Department has conducted 1625 extra patrols in the park, 218 field interviews, 108 citations and 114 arrests. 

    The Bike Team Officers, Adan Martinez and Russ Whitaker, continue to focus their efforts in the downtown area including Grape Day Park, Maple Plaza and Signature Pavilion. They are assisted by Patrol Officers and especially our two Community Policing Officers; Aaron Reber and Lew Shaver. 

    Acting Sergeant Jared Sinclair is assisting in the coordination of the COPPS efforts of these and Patrol Officers to combat behavior and issues that may be illegal/ undesirable. There were no significant arrests reported. Several drunk in public arrests, a few warrants, and a possession of a controlled substance arrest were made during this rating period.  

    There were no significant calls for service around the Grape Day Park, Maple St. Plaza, or Signature Pavilion footprint. During the morning of 3/23/14, Officers responded to an activation of the intrusion and motion detection alarm inside City Hall. The entire building was searched and no intruders were noted.

Upcoming Events: 

Please refer to http://www.grapedaypark.org/  for special event information in the Park. For a list of all upcoming Escondido Events, visit: http://visitescondido.com/event-calendar/.

Two Special Events to be noted from Teresa Collins’ report to PD: 

  • On Saturday, May 3rd, the 5th Annual International Bazaar will be held in the Park from 7AM to 5PM.
  • On Saturday, May 10th, a Mother’s Day event will be held throughout the day in the Park. We are anticipating 1,000 participants. 
  • The next Task Force Meeting will be on a date to be determined. 

Ongoing statistics, as of 4/21/14:

Foot Patrols        1625

Citations               108

FI's                        218

Arrests                  114