Last week, the San Diego North Economic Development Council hosted a North County Economic Summit featuring the unveiling of a study of the tech industry along the 78 corridor. The study was commissioned by Innovate 78, a collaborative economic development effort of the five cities along the corridor. Read KPBS’s coverage of the event here 

The full study is available at the following link:'S%2078%20CORRIDOR.pdf 


Volunteer Cleanup Events
This Earth Day, April 22, I Love a Clean San Diego and Escondido Shines will be hosting multiple cleanups around the City and County. Some sites include:

  • Mountain View Park and City Hall/Grape Day Park
  • Dixon Lake
  • Reidy Creek (between El Norte and Lincoln) 

For more information on how to get involved visit both websites:

Public Works/Parks & Open Space
On April 11, Public Works, working closely with both the Community Development Department and the Housing and Neighborhood Services Section of the City Manager’s office, was able to reopen three different park playground areas. 

The Public Works Park Division had the playgrounds closed at Grove, Westside and Rod McLeod Parks due to play equipment maintenance requirements. Public Works identified the equipment as under warranty; and with funding secured from Housing Related Parks (HRP) Grants for labor costs, the repairs were made. The play areas are once again open for public use and enjoyment. This is a fine example of departments working together and offering different areas of expertise for one common goal, Making the City of Escondido a better place.


Major Projects Update

The following major projects are currently being reviewed and coordinated with Planning, Engineering, Fire, Building and Utilities staff. A complete description of each project can be viewed here. Updates provided below cover project milestones that occurred during the last week.

Commercial / Office:

  1. Escondido Research and Technology Center – East (ERTC) (Developer: James McCann) Project work continues. No significant updates to report this week: A grading plan for a temporary parking lot to serve the hospital was approved June 13, 2016, and the parking lot is now under construction. 
  1. Escondido Research and Technology Center – West (ERTC) (Developer: James McCann) – A revised grading plan recently has been approved and construction is underway on the approximately 76,000 square foot medical office building with a linear accelerator. Palomar Health hosted a groundbreaking ceremony last week for their new outpatient center to be constructed adjacent to the site at 2185 Citracado Parkway. 
  1. Centerpointe 78 Commercial (Developer: Lars Andersen, Pacific Development) – A building permit for the supermarket is ready to issue once the grading plan is approved. Engineering provided comments on the storm water management plan on April 18, 2017 and has noted the grading permit is nearing approval. 
  1. Westfield Theater (Developer: Kim Brewer, Westfield)This project has been placed on hold by Westfield while they finalize lease negotiations so there is no change from the following update reported last week: No grading, building or improvement plans have been submitted by the developer at this time. 
  1. Felicita Development, LLC (Developer: Katherine Park, Creative Design Associates)This project is on hold pending further direction and submittal of information from the applicant: Follow-up meetings conducted by the applicant with staff and the wildlife agencies lead staff to believe a revised project is forthcoming. 
  1. Springhill Suites (Developer: Raj Patel, San Bernardino Hospitality LLC)The applicant is cleared to start construction so there is no change from the following update reported last week: Construction is expected to commence within the next month. 
  1. Escondido Auto Park Association (Developer: Tim Brecht, Escondido Auto Park Association) The applicant is cleared to start construction so there is no change from the following update reported last week: A building permit for the sign was issued on January 19, 2017. 
  1. Downtown Courtyard Marriott Hotel (Developer: Craig Clark)Project review and communications with the applicant are on-going but there are no new milestones to report this week: The applicant provided revised conceptual drawings on March 17, 2017 to facilitate future project discussions. Those drawings are currently being reviewed by staff. 
  1. Centre City Commercial Center (Developer: Todd Dwyer) - A Plot Plan and Tentative Parcel Map were submitted on January 31, 2017, and staff review is underway. Last week the applicant notified Engineering that they have hired a local traffic engineer to provide third-party review of their traffic study to evaluate mitigation options.


  1. StorQuest (Developer: The William Warren Group, Inc.) – Revised building plans for this approved self-storage facility at 220 W. Mission Ave. were submitted to the Building Division on March 22, 2017 and routed to Esgil for re-check. Revised grading plans were received by Engineering last week. 
  1. Victory Industrial Development (Developer: Scott Merry, Badiee Development) – It is expected the grading permit can be issued once the applicant secures his Army Corps, Regional Board, and CA Fish and Wildlife permits and completes boundary adjustments with three adjoining property owners. Street improvement and signal plans also are nearing approval.
  1. Escondido Self-Storage Facility (Developer: Brandywine Homes, Inc.)Project work continues. No significant updates to report this week: Building plans, grading plans, landscape plans and the final map have been submitted and comments have been provided by staff.
  1. Innovative Industrial Development (Developer: Scott Merry, Badiee Development) Project work continues. No significant updates to report this week: Grading plans were submitted for plan check on February 27, 2017 and comments have been provided back to the applicant. Building plans were submitted on March 29, 2017 and are being reviewed by staff. 
  1. North American Self-Storage (Developer: Russ Colvin) – The demo permit has been issued. Plans for the underground water service for fire suppression were submitted on April 17, 2017.  The applicant submitted a revised grading plan to Engineering on April 13, 2017. A boundary adjustment to combine the two lots on the site is ready to record.

City Projects 

  1. Micro-Filtration Reverse Osmosis (Developer: City of Escondido Utilities Department)No further updates to this item will be provided while litigation is in progress: The Planning Commission approved the proposed CUP on December 13, 2016. An appeal of that decision was filed and the City Council denied the appeal on January 11, 2017, and affirmed the Planning Commission’s decision to approve the project. 
  1. Wastewater Collections Yard Expansion (Developer: City of Escondido Utilities Department) – Grading, building and landscape plans are now being reviewed by staff. Utilities staff is assessing value engineering options in an effort to reduce the cost of the facility. 
  1. HARRF Biogas to Energy Project (Developer: City of Escondido Utilities Department) Communications with the applicant are on-going but no construction plans have been submitted since the project was approved. No significant updates to report this week: A Conditional Use Permit for the project was approved by the Planning Commission December 13, 2016. 
  1. Lake Wohlford Replacement Dam (Developer: City of Escondido Utilities Department) Project work continues. No significant updates to report this week: A Draft EIR was prepared and issued for a 45-day public review period that began on October 4, 2016 and closed on November 17, 2016. Staff and AECOM are now in the process of coordinating responses to the comments that were received during the public review period.


  1. Escondido United Reformed Church (Developer: Brent Cooper) – A revised grading plan has been approved. Building plans have gone through one round of plan check and the applicant is now discussing with Planning the possibility of modifying the CUP to add floor area to the sanctuary and classroom building.
  2. Emmanuel Faith Community Church (Developer: Jim North, EFCC) – The building permit for the children’s building was issued on February 28, 2017. Construction is now underway. No other building phases have been submitted for permits. 
  1. Self-Realization Fellowship Center (Developer: John Pyjar, Domusstudio ArchitectureProject work continues. No significant updates to report this week: The CUP application was submitted on November 14, 2016. Staff reviewed the initial submittal and sent a letter to the applicant on December 14, 2016, indicating that the application was incomplete and specifying the additional information that was necessary to complete the application.


  1. Oak Creek (Developer: Jason Han, New Urban West) This project has been placed on hold by the developer while the City completes construction of the Southwest Sewer Project so there is no change from the following update reported last week: No grading or improvement plans have been submitted by the developer at this time. 
  1. Amanda Estates (Developer: Jason Han, New Urban West)This project has been placed on hold by the developer while the City completes construction of the Southwest Sewer Project so there is no change from the following update reported last week: No grading or improvement plans have been submitted by the developer at this time. 
  1. Pradera (Developer: Moses Kim, Lennar Homes) – Another phase of six homes received building permits on April 3, 2017. 
  1. Lexington (Zenner) (Developer: Eric Johnston, KB Homes) – The applicant received building permits for 10 new homes on April 18, 2017. The applicant is attempting to finish improvements to Vista Avenue this week before the end of spring break for Rincon Middle School. 
  1. Stella Park Condominiums (Developer: Edward Kaen, ETP, LLC) – A precise grading plan was submitted on March 28, 2017. A final map, street improvement plans and landscape plans were also submitted on April 17, 2017. Building plans were submitted into plan check on April 6, 2017. 
  1. Wohlford (Developer: Jack Henthorne)Project review and communications with the applicant are on-going but there are no new milestones to report this week: The Draft EIR has been posted on the City website and released for a 45-day public review period commencing on March 27 and ending on May 12, 2017. 
  1. Latitude II (Developer: Peter Zak, Lyon/NCA) – – Project work continues. No significant updates to report this week: A grading permit has been issued and grading is back underway. Building plans are nearing approval pending approval of the final map. 
  1. Canyon Grove Estates Tract 932 (Developer: John Vance, Shea Homes) – Several phases have already received building permits with two additional phases (19 homes) being issued on April 5, 2107. Off-site construction of the traffic signal at Ash Street/Vista Avenue is underway.
  1. Safari Highlands Ranch (SHR) (Developer: Jeb Hall, Concordia Homes)Project review and communications with the applicant are on-going but there are no new milestones to report this week: A revised tentative map depicting the site plan changes was submitted on October 17, 2016. Staff comments on the Fire Management Plan were sent to the applicant the week of March 13, 2017. 
  1. High Pointe Tract 693-J (Developer: Russell Schaeffer, True Life Communities) – The applicant continues to actively market the property and there is no change from the following update reported last week: Staff has prepared a bond and fee letter based on the proposed grading and landscape plans, and has sent it to the applicant. 
  1. Del Prado (Developer: Kerry Garza, Touchstone Communities)Communications with the applicant are on-going but there are no new milestones to report this week: No grading or improvement plans have been submitted by the developer at this time.
  1. 701 San Pasqual Valley Rd (Developer: Bob Stewart)Project review and communications with the applicant are on-going but there are no new milestones to report this week: Staff has met several times with the applicant to help work through project design and storm water issues. A Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration has been submitted and staff has provided comments to the applicant on the draft and technical studies. 
  1. Veterans Village (Developer: Veterans Village of San Diego) – Demolition has been completed. Grading is underway. Building permits were issued on March 31, 2017. 
  1. Escondido Gateway (Developer: Greg Waite, Integral Communities) – The builder (Lyon Homes) is coordinating with City staff to resolve ownership and title issues regarding three strips of land under existing excess right-of way that is proposed to be vacated for the applicant’s use. Engineering provided comments on the rough grading plan and street improvement plans on April 18, 2017.
  1. The Villages at Escondido Country Club (Developer: Jason Han, New Urban West, Inc.)Project review and communications with the applicant are on-going but there are no new milestones to report this week: A project resubmittal in response to the City’s November 30, 2016 letter was received on March 16, 2017. Planning staff has provided a location on the City’s website for ECC project-related documents and plans. The information can be accessed at the following link: ECC - City of Escondido 
  1. Ivy/Valley Parkway Mixed-Use Development (Developer: Abad Rahan Pars Inc./ Norm Wieme, ArchitectProject work continues. No significant updates to report this week: The applicant has indicated that grading and building plans are expected to be submitted into plan check soon. Utilities staff is currently working on a reimbursement agreement for new water infrastructure that will be installed by the project in the adjoining alley. 
  1. North Avenue Estates (Developer: Casey Johnson) – An application to re-entitle aspects of the previously approved project that have expired and modify the project design to reflect new storm water requirements was submitted to the Planning Division on March 7, 2017. A first round of comments has been provided back to the applicant. 

Building Division: 


  1. Issued permits included two single-family homes at 660 E. Mission Avenue. 
  1. 158 Building Inspections were performed last week. 
  1. The construction of the City Plaza three-story mixed use building at 300 S. Escondido Blvd. has completed the podium slab and fourth floor wall framing is progressing. 
  1. The Solutions for Change affordable housing project at 1560 S. Escondido Blvd. is preparing the building for final inspection. 
  1. Roof framing is proceeding at The Meadowbrook three-story apartment building with underground garage at 2081 Garden Valley Glen. 
  1. Escondido Disposal is proceeding with the tenant improvement for the existing building and has completed the drywall. Roof framing on their new transfer building also has been completed. 
  1. Demolition is nearing completion at the former bank building at 444 S. Escondido Blvd. 
  1. The Popeye’s restaurant at 1541 E. Valley Parkway is getting ready for rough framing inspection. 
  1. The medical office building at 2125 Citracado Parkway has received partial foundation approval. 
  1. The Westminster Seminary has requested foundation inspection for three of their nine buildings. 
  1. The children’s building at the Emmanuel Faith Community Church has received partial foundation inspection and underground plumbing inspection. 

Code Enforcement:


Business Licensing:




2015/2016 Street Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project
The contractor has completed 95% of the punch list items. The installation of traffic signs and legends is ongoing throughout the project. 

Neighborhood Parking District
The project signs were installed this past week. Permits will go on sale at the May 4 neighborhood meeting, after that time all additional permit requests must be made at the Police Department front desk. The enforcement is scheduled to go into effect on June 1, 2017.  

Jim Stone Pool
The first day of construction at the pool was Monday, April 17, the project has 40 contract days for completion. The contractor is in the process of removing the old plaster this week. The pump building shell is in place and the new trussing was delivered on Monday of this week with installation to continue throughout the week. 

Indian Creek Channel Repair
The project consists of replacing a 29’ section of concrete channel wall that fell earlier this year after one of the winter storms. The channel is located between Industrial Avenue to the south and Simpson Way to the north in the Escondido Industrial Park. The channel wall replacement was formed and poured on Tuesday of this week, work should be completed by Friday, April 21, 2017 with no wet weather expected during this period.   


Pradera - Lennar Communities
No change from the following update reported last week: The developer is working on a schedule for the completion of new striping and signage along the area streets. Phase 7 is now under construction. 

Lexington Model Homes - KB Homes
The construction of the new roadway along Vista Avenue is nearing completion with the placement of asphalt pavement on Tuesday of this week. The scheduled water line installation at Vista Avenue and Lehner Avenue intersection has been cancelled due to a conflict that was discovered on Friday, April 14. A water line conflict crossing will now need to be constructed above ground along with water quality testing which could delay completion of this portion of work for up to 4 weeks. 

Escondido Boulevard at 3rd Avenue
No changes from the following reported last week: The contractor is using a crane to deliver materials to the third floor, and lane closures along 3rd Avenue will be a regular occurrence to allow for the lifting of construction materials to the newly completed floor.  

Tract 932 - Canyon Grove Shea Homes Community
The traffic signal poles for the Ash/Sheridan intersection have been stood, the meter release and installation should be completed later this week. On site construction of water main associated with the Vista flume bypass pipe is ongoing. The removal of ATT/COX utilities from the wooden poles along Ash Street will not be completed until mid-May, this will affect the final construction of remaining storm drain improvements. The 8 model homes are expected to open on April 29, 2017. 

Latitude II Condominiums by a Lyon Homes Partnership: Washington Avenue at Centre City Parkway
Construction of the new 10” sewer main to serve the project is continuing with installation this week.      

Westminster Theological Seminary Graduate Student Housing: Boyle Avenue at Bear Valley Parkway
The contractor is continuing with the installation of dry utility conduits within the project limits. 

Veterans Village
The contractor has begun to pothole existing utilities this week along Escondido Boulevard and 15th Avenue in preparation of constructing the new public improvements.

Tract 877 – Bernardo Ave. by Ambient Communities
No changes from the following reported last week: This is a 13 lot single family residential project located at the cul-de-sac end of Bernardo Ave.  The construction of the 16’ high sound wall along the freeway is ongoing this week. The developer has not notified the City when the grading operations will resume. 

Palomar Medical Center
No changes from the following reported last week: The onsite sewer main is still under construction this week, the final plan review for the offsite reclaimed water main is expected this week. 

Rincon Water/Ash Street By-Pas Project
The contractor is continuing to install the new 24” water main along Ash Street, the work should be completed by weeks’ end. The daytime closures of Ash Street between Vista Avenue and Hubbard Avenue will continue through Friday of this week. 



    • On 4/9/17, officers responded to El Norte Parkway and Kaile Place in reference to a report of a felony vehicle for a hot prowl burglary.  Units located the vehicle at El Norte Pkwy and Conway Drive. Two occupants were taken into custody and both were charged and booked for drug-related offenses.  The passenger, who is currently out on bail for numerous residential burglaries (including Escondido), was also charged with committing a felony while out on bail.
    • On 4/9/17 at 18:25 hours, officers responded to 485 N. Rose Street and contacted a victim who was assaulted and robbed of $200. The suspect was known to the victim and a description was broadcasted. While investigating, a beer theft at the 7-11 on N. Midway Drive occurred and the description matched that of the suspect from the robbery.  Officers located the suspect on N. Midway Drive, where he was arrested after a brief foot pursuit and use of force; neither the officer nor the suspect were injured.  A search of the suspect revealed crystal methamphetamine. The suspect was positively identified by the victims and later booked into the Vista Detention Facility on multiple felony charges.
    • On 4/10/17 at 20:17 hours, an officer initiated a traffic enforcement stop at 13th Avenue and Centre City Pkwy. The vehicle failed to stop and was pursued to 1555 S. Escondido Blvd. The driver fled toward S. Orange Street and was not located. Officers contact the Registered Owner and he reported the vehicle stolen. 
    • On 04/11/17 at 01:31 hours, officers responded to a commercial burglary alarm at Nutrition Zone, located at 1146 W. Valley Pkwy. Officers arrived on scene a short time later and cleared the building with negative results. Suspect(s) forced entry into the business and took an undisclosed amount of money from the cash register.
    • On 4/11/17, at 12:41 hours, officers were dispatched to the North alley of 4th Avenue at Orange Street regarding a collision involving a vehicle and a child. Officers and Fire paramedics arrived on scene minutes later and attempted life-saving first aid to the child. The child, age two, was transported to Palomar Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, however, she later died. Based on witness statements and physical evidence at the scene, a 33-year-old female resident of Escondido was driving West in the alley between 3rd and 4th Avenue from Orange St. The driver began a parking maneuver when her attention was diverted to a child on the right side of the roadway. Meanwhile another child ran across the alley to the driver’s left where the collision occurred.  Alcohol or drugs are not a factor in this collision.  The traffic investigation is ongoing and is being conducted by Tom Venable of the Traffic Division.
    • On 04/11/17 at 23:44 hours, an officer made a pedestrian stop at Centre City Pkwy and Mission Ave. The subject was found to have an arrest warrant. He was initially compliant but became combative after he was handcuffed, and he kicked an officer in the leg. The officer was not injured.  The subject was placed in maximum restraints and was later booked at the Vista Detention Facility.
    • On 4/12/17 at 19:40 hours, a 15-year-old Hispanic Male was confronted by 2 Hispanic Male Adults in the area of Food 4 Less, located at 644 N. Broadway. They chased the juvenile and stabbed him once on his left side. The juvenile was located on the bike path South of Washington and East of Juniper with a non-life threatening single stab wound.  The suspect vehicle is a 2004 Lincoln Aviator Lic#7SAV269 and the suspects have not been located.
    • On 4/13/17 at 15:00 hours, a contract employee of the California Center for the Arts Escondido (CCAE) was walking to her car in the Woodward Avenue parking lot.  The employee saw a male walking opposite her and he asked for the time. She knew the time and replied. As she answered the question the male punched her once in the face.  The force of the punch caused her to fall to the pavement. She believed she struck her head on the concrete footbridge.  The suspect was described as a light skinned black male or tan white male, 6’ 00”, about 40 years old, wearing a white tank top, closely cropped hair and pulling a dark, wheeled piece of luggage behind him. After the male knocked the victim down, he walked into the CCAE complex southbound. Witnesses saw a person matching his description exiting Grape Day Park near the rest rooms.  Patrol units stopped two subjects in the flood channel pathway at Waverly Avenue and one was a close match of the suspect. The victim was brought to the scene for a curbstone, but it was not the correct suspect. The victim was evaluated by paramedics on scene.  Patrol handled initial reporting, and Investigations was notified.
    • On 4/15/17 at 09:36 hours, dispatch received a call for service at Kit Carson Park, in reference to a suicidal adult male, making threats to drown himself.  The subject was ultimately located with the assistance of ASTREA and cell phone GPS, and subsequently transported to Palomar Medical Center West for a mental health evaluation.


  • On 4/15/17 at 16:44 hours, officers responded to U.S. Bank located inside Albertsons at 1509 E. Valley Pkwy, in reference to a robbery with the suspect not on scene.  The suspect approached the teller and demanded money from the drawer. There were no threats made or weapon seen. A hat and sweatshirt matching the suspects clothing description was located at the intersection of E. Grand Ave and Bear Valley Pkwy.
  • On 4/15/17 at 23:22 hours, an officer attempted to stop an Acura passenger car (later determined to be stolen) for a vehicle code violation at 7th Avenue and Chestnut Street.  The vehicle fled and a pursuit ensued.  After a short pursuit, the vehicle finally stopped and the driver fled around 2nd Avenue and Cedar.  The driver eventually gave up and was taken into custody. When the suspect initially fled, the stolen vehicle was still in motion and collided into 3 parked cars.  The suspect was booked for Auto Theft, Felony Evading and DUI. 


  • The Escondido Police Department was selected by the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) to receive the HHSA Director’s Live Well San Diego 2017 Public Health Champion Award. It was awarded in recognition of the Police Department’s extraordinary achievement in promoting the health of residents in San Diego County. Chief Carter accepted the award at a ceremony on Friday, April 7, 2017.