April 18, 2019

Volunteers Help Keep Escondido Beautiful
This past Saturday volunteers from the Allied Climbers of San Diego, Escondido Rangers, and the Escondido Fire Department helped clean up the Eagle Peak portion of Dixon Lake. Thank you, volunteers! Eagle Peak is now open to rock climbing. Permits are required, for more information visit: https://www.escondido.org/dixon-lake.aspx

Escondido Brewing Company Takes Home Top Prize at Local Competition
From the West Coaster Magazine, “Escondido Brewing head brewer Ketchen Smith has been winning awards with his IPA for years. Even though that recipe garnered him a National Homebrewers Conference medal—not to mention Beer of the Week status here in West Coaster—the first-place finish it earned last weekend might just be its most meaningful accomplishment to-date. That win came at Green Flash Brewing’s first annual Brew Down Beer Festival.” Read more by clicking the photo below:

Local Cafe Makes Television Debut This Weekend
Escondido’s Rosie’s Cafe will be featured on the opening episode of the 14th chef Robert Irvine’s “Restaurant: Impossible” TV series on Saturday, April 20. Read more about the incredible transformation of the café in the San Diego Union-Tribune article here: Link

San Diego Code School Opens in Escondido
Michael Roberts, a former instructor, and executive at San Diego’s recently closed Origin Code Academy have launched his own software school in Escondido called San Diego Code School. Read more about the program held at Synergy Centre CoWorks in downtown Escondido here:Link 


Public Works


Code Enforcement

Business Licenses

Graffiti Restitution



March Abandoned Vehicle Data

Building Division:
*Data reflects activity through April 13 of each year.

POLICE DEPARTMENT                                                                                                                                              


Assistance to SD Probation Leads to Multiple Arrests
On April 16, at 2:45 p.m., EPD officers responded to a request for assistance by San Diego County Probation officers at a residence in the 2700 block of E. Valley Pkwy.  Probation officers had responded to the residence in search of a probationer when several people fled into the home.  Officers from EPD and SD Probation entered the home and found numerous people hiding, including two people who managed to both hide behind a washing machine.  SD Probation arrested two people on probation violation charges.  EPD officers arrested four additional people all wanted on a variety of arrest warrants. 

Reward Announced in Mosque Fire
On April 11, Captain Ed Varso was joined by representatives of the FBI and ATF to publicly announce a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person, or people, responsible for the March 24th arson fire and vandalism at the Escondido Islamic Center (318 W. 6th Ave.).  The announcement was made during a well-attended news conference, and it is hoped that the reward will encourage people to come forward.  Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324). 

Airsoft Gun Complaint Turns Out to be Real
On April 12 at 12:23 p.m., officers responded to an apartment complex parking lot in the 1000 block of Rock Springs Rd. regarding complaints of two people shooting a possible airsoft rifle.  Officers arrived and confirmed that the rifle was in-fact an airsoft gun.  However, during a search, officers found a real loaded handgun concealed in the waistband of one of the subjects.  William Hernandez (19-year-old resident of Escondido) was arrested for possession of a concealed firearm. 

The COPPS (Community Oriented Policing and Problem-Solving) Unit is dedicated to increasing the quality of life for the residents of Escondido through pro-active responses to crime trends, quality of life issues, and addressing crime and public nuisance in Grape Day Park and at Maple Plaza.     

  • 5 arrests
  • 9 citation
  • 30 extra patrols 


On April 8, at approximately 7:00 p.m., the Escondido Police and Fire Communication Center received a report of a fire in the garage of a home in the area of the 800 blocks of Calle Montera and dispatched a structure fire response. While responding, several fire units reported that smoke was visible from a distance. The first arriving fire engine reported a two-story, single-family residence with heavy fire and smoke coming from the garage. The garage sustained extensive fire damage but firefighters were able to contain the fire without it spreading into the rest of the structure. There were no injuries to firefighters or civilians. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Major Projects Update 

The following major projects are being reviewed and coordinated by Planning, Engineering, Fire, Building, and Utilities.  The list of projects below encompasses recent project updates and/or milestones from last week.  

Commercial / Office:

  1. Escondido Research and Technology Center (ERTC) – West (Developer: James McCann) 2181 Citracado Parkway – A plan for a new two-story, 57,000 SF, 52-bed Palomar Rehabilitation Institute was submitted as a Plot Plan on July 31, 2017. The Plot Plan approval letter was issued on February 7, 2018. The grading permit is ready to be issued once Planning confirms information from the applicant that assures adequate parking is provided. The applicant is working with the City to establish a parking management program to facilitate adequate parking throughout the Hospital Campus.  City staff provided comments on the parking program on March 26, 2019. 
  1. Escondido Research and Technology Center (ERTC) – East (Developer: James McCann) 2130 Citracado Parkway – Building plans for the first 71,656 SF medical office building in this approved medical complex area across from Palomar Hospital were submitted into plan check on October 9, 2018. Fire and Esgil have approved the plans. Planning has a hold on the permit until the parking issues below are resolved.
    A Specific Plan Amendment (SPA) will be required to move the temporary parking lot on the medical building site (above) to another location within ERTC.  The SPA application was submitted on November 13, 2018, and proposes the construction of a new temporary parking lot at the southern end of the ERTC development on Lots 10-15 and a permanent parking lot on Lot 1.  A comment letter regarding parking counts and stormwater requirements were sent to the applicant in mid-December.  The applicant provided a draft MOU document on January 4, 2019 (intended to be signed by the applicant, PPH, and City) explaining the phasing and proposed parking improvements.  Revised parking lot plans for both the permanent and temporary lots were received on January 8, 2019.  Planning met with the applicant on January 30, 2019, and again on April 10, 2019, to discuss the plans and management of the proposed temporary parking lot.  A revised MOU was provided to staff at that April 10 meeting.  The Specific Plan Amendment has been scheduled for an April 23 Planning Commission hearing.  The plot plan and grading exemption for Lot 1 were approved by the Zoning Administrator on March 21, 2019.  Grading plan comments for Lot 1 were provided by Engineering on April 2, 2019. 
  1. Toyota of Escondido Certified Used Car Facility (Developer: Stephen Myers, Toyota of Escondido) 990 N. Broadway – A Plot Plan to assemble five commercial lots including a vacant used car business into an automotive sales and service facility for Toyota. The proposal includes the demolition of a vacant residence and a small expansion of an existing service building.  The project application was submitted on January 7, 2019.  Staff-level design review occurred on January 31, 2019.  Comments from Planning, Engineering, Utilities, Fire and Traffic were sent to the applicant on February 5, 2019.  Planning met with the applicant on February 28, 2019, to discuss proposed revisions to the plans. A revised Plot plan was resubmitted on March 4, 2019.  Engineering met with the applicant on April 8, 2019, to finalize hydrant placements.  Project review is nearing completion and conditions are being prepared for approval. 


  1. Escondido Self-Storage Facility (Developer: Brandywine Homes, Inc.) 2319 Cranston Dr. – Updated building plans were resubmitted into plan check on July 24, 2018. Esgil and Fire have approved the plans.  Planning provided comments on the building plan on September 19, 2018.  The final map was approved by City Council on September 19, 2018, and has recorded. The grading permit has been approved and the final improvement plan mylars have been signed.  The building plans have been approved by Esgil and Fire.  The Planning approval is still outstanding and awaiting minor plan revisions to be returned by the applicant.  A revised sight line drawing was provided to Planning on April 8, 2019. 
  1. Citracado Business Park (Developer: Dentt Properties) 2207 Harmony Grove Road – A proposed specific plan for two industrial warehouse/office buildings (145,930 SF and 125,930 SF) with the buildings to be separated by the future extension of Citracado Parkway. The application was submitted on August 14, 2018.  All departments have completed their initial review and comments were sent to the applicant on September 17, 2018.  SDG&E also has provided comments regarding the high voltage power lines that traverse the site.  The applicant’s traffic consultant submitted a revised methodology and distribution to Engineering on October 19, 2018.  A meeting with the applicant to review the various departmental comments occurred on October 29, 2018.  Another round of comments related to the proposed specific plan has also been provided.  The developer team met with several departments on April 4, 2019, primarily to discuss traffic-related issues. 

City Projects 

  1. Micro-Filtration Reverse Osmosis (Developer: City of Escondido Utilities Department) SE corner Ash/Washington – The City Council approved a contractual agreement with Black and Veatch for engineering services on April 4, 2018. On January 16, 2019, the City Council expressed continued support for the MFRO, but directed staff to investigate moving the facility to another location.  Utilities staff are investigating the feasibility of moving the MFRO to city property located at 901 W. Washington Avenue.  An on-site meeting with the selected design-build and environmental contractors occurred on January 28, 2019.  Preliminary geotechnical and survey work is underway.  Helix Environmental Planning will be preparing the draft environmental documents.  The AB 52 consultation letter will be sent to interested tribes once a new site plan has been developed in approximately 2-3 weeks.  A Design-Build Agreement was approved by the City Council on April 3, 2019.  The Design-Build Agreement with Filanc+BC Joint Venture provides for design and pre-construction services. 
  1. Lake Wohlford Replacement Dam (Developer: City of Escondido Utilities Department) – A Draft EIR was prepared and issued for a 45-day public review period that began on October 4, 2016, and closed on November 17, 2016. A field visit with staff from the state and federal wildlife agencies took place on May 11, 2017, to review biological mitigation requirements including an agency request for full mitigation for emergent vegetation at the eastern end of the lake that came into existence since the lake level was reduced for safety reasons.  Staff sent a follow-up letter to the wildlife agencies on June 29, 2017, seeking clarification on the proposed biological mitigation requirements. Additional information has been compiled and analyzed by the City’s biological consultants based on recent conversations with the agencies.  The biological consultant and staff met with the wildlife agencies on November 28, 2018 to discuss a modified approach to fulfilling mitigation requirements.  Written information summarizing what was discussed at the meeting was transmitted to the agencies on December 4, 2018.  City staff recently concluded a revised assessment of potential biological impacts and is coordinating a meeting with the agencies to present the findings. 


  1. Safari Highlands Ranch (SHR) (Developer: Jeb Hall, Concordia Homes) 550 lots east of Rancho San Pasqual – A Notice of Availability for the Draft EIR was issued on October 16, 2017, for public review and comment. The comment period ended on January 2, 2018. Staff transmitted all the comment letters and emails to the Draft EIR consultant for review and to prepare a response to each comment. The Draft EIR and appendices have been posted on the City’s website at the following link: https://www.escondido.org/safari-highlands-ranch-specific-plan.aspx
    The responses to comments have generated related revisions to the project design. The applicant’s engineer submitted a revised tentative map on October 26, 2018.  Generally, the amount of grading and the area of disturbance has decreased, while the overall number of 550 residential lots has remained the same.  Engineering met with the project engineer and applicant on January 31, 2019, to discuss their comments on the revised tentative map.  The revised tentative map and exhibits have been posted online at the link above.  The applicant met with Traffic Engineering during the week of February 25th to discuss off-site mitigation.  The applicant and biological consultant also met with staff on March 11, 2019. 
  1. 18 lots at 701 San Pasqual Valley Rd (Developer: Bob Stewart) – Staff comments on the revised tentative map were issued the last week of July 2017. The applicant has occasionally engaged in discussions with various departments since that time but has declined a staff offer to schedule a comprehensive meeting with all city departments.  Another set of revised plans were submitted the week of November 26, 2018.  Planning, Engineering and Utilities comments on the revised plans were issued on February 25, 2019.  The applicant called Planning staff to discuss the comments on April 9, 2019. 
  1. The Villages at Escondido Country Club (Developer: Jason Han, New Urban West, Inc.) 380 residences – The City Council voted 3-2 to approve the project on November 15, 2017. The applicant submitted rough grading plans, drainage improvement plans and utility relocation plans for all three villages on May 7, 2018. There have been three rounds of plan checks on the rough grading plans since the original submittal and a permit-ready letter for rough grading was issued on August 31, 2018, and revised on September 4, 2018. Landscape plans were submitted on June 5, 2018, and a second submittal was received on October 2, 2018. The applicant submitted the final map and other improvement plans on July 9, 2018. Additional comments on the improvement plans, utility location plans, storm drain plans, and all technical studies were provided by Engineering on September 11, 2018.  Country Club Lane street improvement plans were submitted for the first plan check on October 9, 2018, and Engineering comments were provided on November 21, 2018.  A tree removal permit to remove trees on the former golf course property was issued by Planning on December 19, 2018.  Fourth plan check for the Village 1 rough grading, improvement plans and landscape plans were submitted January 18, 2019, and Engineering comments are expected to be issued this week. Third plan check for the final map and improvement plans for Village 3 submitted.  Engineering comments were returned on March 12, 2019; and the developer team met with Engineering on April 1, 2019, to discuss the comments.  A Certified Tentative Map is anticipated for substantial conformance review and includes a proposal to relocate approximately 10 residential lots within the development. 

The approved tentative subdivision map, Final EIR and appendices, Specific Plan and other related information can be accessed on the City’s website at the following link:https://www.escondido.org/ecc.aspx

  1. North Avenue Estates (Developer: Casey Johnson) 34 lots at North Ave./Conway Dr. –The City Council approved the project on January 10, 2018. LAFCO approved the annexation application on October 1, 2018, and the annexation has recorded. The new home builder, Taylor Morrison Homes submitted a Precise Development Plan to Planning on December 14, 2018.  Grading plans, a final map, and improvement plans were submitted for review on December 7, 2018.  Engineering comments were returned on January 18, 2019, and additional comments were sent on January 25, 2019.  Engineering met with the applicant’s engineer on January 31, 2019, to discuss drainage issues.  A revised Certified TM was approved on March 14, 2019.  A revised Precise Development Plan was submitted on March 14, 2019, and Planning comments were issued on April 11, 2019.  Final engineering plans were resubmitted on March 21, 2019.  The project engineer, Engineering and County Water Authority staff met on April 2, 2019, to discuss the street and utility crossings over the CWA aqueduct.  The CWA is requiring upgraded structural protection to protect the aqueduct where crossings occur. 
  1. Aspire (131 apartment units on Municipal Lot 1) (Developer: Addison Garza, Touchstone Communities) – The proposal consists of a six-story mixed-use development across from City Hall on Parking Lot 1. The project was initially submitted for entitlement processing for a 106-unit development on June 23, 2017. On March 14, 2019, the applicant submitted a revised project under state and city density bonus law that increases the number of dwelling units in return for the provision of 11 Very Low-Income housing units.  The increased density (now 131 units) has been accommodated by eliminating all 3-bedroom units to allow additional studio, one- and two-bedroom units within the same building structure.  The project includes 4,289 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor, primarily fronting on Maple Street Plaza.  A purchase and sale agreement for the project site (Parking Lot 1) was approved by the City Council on September 19, 2018.  Concerns regarding parking have been expressed; and the applicant’s parking consultant submitted a parking study on January 17, 2019.  Staff is awaiting submittal of a Development Agreement setting forth prospective terms that describe owner and City obligations on the project. 
  1. The Ivy (127 apartment units at 343 E. 2nd) (Developer: Addison Garza, Touchstone Communities) - The apartment project was initially submitted for entitlement processing for a 95-unit development on June 23, 2017. On February 8, 2019, the applicant submitted a revised project under state and city density bonus law that increases the number of dwelling units in return for the provision of 11 Very Low-Income housing units.  The increased density (now 127 units) was accommodated by adding another story to the development resulting in a five-story residential building up to 63 feet in height.  While the building footprint is nearly identical to the previous design, the proposal also adds 1,175 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor at the corner of Second Avenue/Ivy Street.  Utilities and Fire comments on the revised development plan were issued on March 12, 2019.  A revised traffic study is currently being reviewed by Traffic Engineering staff.  A proposed Development Agreement was submitted for staff review on April 11, 2019. 
  1. Quince Street Senior Housing (Developer: Matt Jumper, 220 Quince, L.P.) 145 apartment units at 220 N. Quince St. – The five-story affordable senior housing apartment project was submitted on November 21, 2017. Multiple meetings with the applicant have taken place since the project submittal to discuss project design issues. A constraints map to identify fire access routes and locations of existing utilities has been approved by staff and the applicant utilized that map to submit a revised project on November 21, 2018.  Staff comments from Planning, Engineering, Utilities, and Fire were returned to the applicant on December 27, 2018.  A follow-up meeting with Planning occurred on January 15, 2019, and revised project plans were submitted on February 12, 2019.  City staff provided comments on March 25, 2019.  Utilities are requesting an upsizing to the water line in Quince Street to 8”.  Planning staff is reviewing the environmental initial study. 
  1. Sager Ranch/Daley Ranch Resort Specific Plan (Developer: J. Whalen Associates, Inc., Sager Ranch Partners) 203 housing units and 225-room resort hotel on 1,783-acres, just north and east of Daley Ranch – This proposed residential and resort hotel annexation and specific plan project was received on March 2, 2018. The project submittal has been deemed incomplete and a letter from staff requesting additional project related information was sent to the applicant on April 4, 2018. Requested information includes annexation exhibits, proposed general plan amendment text, a proposed Transfer of Development Rights Program, environmental initial study, and fiscal impact analysis. Planning met with the applicant on May 17, 2018, to discuss items listed in the letter. A follow-up meeting to discuss engineering issues occurred on June 27, 2018. The applicant met with Escondido Fire and Valley Center Fire on August 1, 2018, to discuss fire protection issues. Significant fire-related issues to be addressed include the steepness of the project entry road, secondary emergency access and Fire Department response times. A follow-up meeting with the applicant to discuss these issues occurred on October 11, 2018.  On April 5, 2019, the applicant provided a letter response with proposals to address some of the fire-related issues.  Fire and Planning staff will provide a response to that letter this week. 
    A project webpage containing draft documents and plans has been added to the Planning Division’s website at the following link:
    Sager Ranch Resort Specific Plan - City of Escondido 
  1. Nutmeg Condo General Plan Amendment (Developer: Jim Simmons, CCI) 137 townhome condo units on 7.7 acres on both sides of Nutmeg between I-15 and Centre City Parkway – This proposed multi-family residential development includes a GPA from Office to Urban III (up to 18 du/acre) as well as a specific alignment plan for Nutmeg and a vacation of approximately one acre of public right-of-way for use in the project. The project application was received on June 15, 2018. Initial comments from Planning, Fire, Engineering, Utilities, and Traffic Engineering were provided to the applicant on July 13, 2018. A Notice of Preparation for the project EIR was sent out on August 29, 2018, and the comment period closed on October 1, 2018.  A Scoping Meeting occurred on September 6, 2018.  The applicant submitted revised plans and studies on October 16, 2018.  Engineering, Utilities, and Fire provided comments on the revised plans on November 13, 2018.  Follow-up meetings with the applicant occurred on November 28, 2018, and February 6, 2019.  Traffic Engineering provided comments on the Traffic Impact Analysis on December 10, 2019.  Staff comments on the first screen check draft of the EIR were issued on January 14, 2019.  The applicant team met with Engineering and resubmitted revised plans and the second screen checks draft of the EIR on February 6, 2019.  Partial comments on the second screen check EIR were issued on March 11, 2019, with the remaining comments delivered on March 18, 2019.  The third screen check EIR was received on March 29, 2019.  All staff comments were provided by April 8, 2019.  The applicant is making final edits to the draft EIR and a meeting has been scheduled for May 2nd to review associated revisions to the plans and schedule the public review for the Draft EIR. 
  1. Oak Creek (Builder: KB Homes) 65 single-family residential lots on approximately 44 acres at Felicita Road and Hamilton Lane – The original developer, New Urban West, has secured permits from CDFW, ACOE, and RWQCB. The Zoning Administrator approved a modification to the Precise Development Plan to revise the architecture on October 25, 2018. Grading, drainage, and stormwater management plans were submitted for the first plan check on July 25, 2018. Fire and Engineering issued comments on the rough grading plan on September 4, 2018.  Second plan check submittals for rough grading and off-site improvements were received on October 23, 2018.  Fence and wall plans were submitted the second week of December.  The model homes were submitted into the building plan check the last week of October and the Precise Grading Plan for the models was submitted at the end of March.  On-site remediation of hazardous materials has been completed and DTSC has issued a clearance letter.  Bonds and fees have been posted and the grading permit is expected to be issued this week. 
  1. Mercado 3-Story Mixed Use Building (Developer: Curtis Lively) 5 residences and 2 commercial suites on 0.14-acre at 510 W. 2nd Avenue – A Plot Plan for five two-story residential units on top of 2,375 SF of commercial floor area and a parking garage was submitted July 13, 2018. Staff review comments were provided to the applicant who then submitted revised plans. Additional Planning and Engineering comments were sent to the applicant on September 27, 2018, and a revised project submittal was received on December 11, 2018.  Comments from Fire, Utilities and Planning on the revised plans were sent to the applicant on January 2, 2019.  The applicant submitted revised plans including a reduction of commercial space to 1,750 square feet on February 20, 2019.  Planning staff completed the design review on March 21, 2019, with no major recommended changes.  Engineering and Fire are awaiting revisions showing the alley improvements and hydrant placement. 
  1. 555 West Grand Mixed-Use Building (Developer: Ed McCoy) 32 condo units in three floors over a parking garage – This 32-unit mixed-use development with 610 SF of office/flex space was submitted as a planned development application on August 27, 2018. The project is seeking a reduction in parking and open space standards. Initial multi-department comments were sent to the applicant on September 26, 2018.  The applicant met with Fire, Engineering, Planning, and utility staff on October 16, 2018, to discuss the staff comments.  Engineering has agreed to accept a public utility easement along Quince Street in lieu of dedication of public right-of-way.  This easement along with a revision to provide vehicular access from Second Avenue has been incorporated into revised project plans and was submitted with an updated Traffic Impact Analysis on March 13, 2019.  Engineering and Fire are coordinating fire flow and hydrant locations with the applicant.  Planning has requested a parking study to support the proposed reduction in the number of parking spaces. 
  1. Villa Portofino (Developer: Chris Post, ATC Design Group) 15 apartment units in a three-story building with a parking garage at 2690 S. Escondido Blvd. – This 15-unit multi-family residential project on a 0.52-acre parcel between S. Escondido Blvd and Cranston Drive was submitted as a Plot Plan application on November 28, 2018. A comment letter was issued on December 20, 2018. Comments included the need to evaluate the building construction type for fire purposes and consider the design standards in the South Centre City Specific Plan.  Planning staff have had several follow-up conversations with the applicant team and are awaiting revised plans.  Utilities have requested a sewer study to assess potential impacts to the nearby Lift Station 2. 
  1. Palomar Heights (Developer: Ninia Hammond, Integral Communities) Demolition and redevelopment of the old Palomar Hospital site with 424 multi-family units in 33 buildings – A proposed Tentative Map, Planned Development, Specific Plan Amendment and EIR to redevelop the 13.8-acre former hospital site. Up to 5,500 square feet of recreation or commercial space could be included. The project application was submitted on December 24, 2018.  The initial plan submittal was presented to the Board of the Downtown Business Association on January 9, 2019, the Economic Development Committee of the Chamber of Commerce on January 10, 2019, and the Old Escondido Neighborhood Group on February 20, 2019.  Engineering and Planning comments on the initial project submittal were sent to the applicant on February 12, 2019.  A contract for a developer-funded planning consultant to work on this project as an extension of Planning staff was approved by the City Council on February 13, 2019. Planning Engineering and Fire met with the applicant team on February 27, 2019, to go through proposed revisions to the site plan and building designs.  Comments from that meeting were provided to applicant team on March 5, 2019.  A draft Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the EIR was provided to staff for review on April 4, 2019.  Staff is still awaiting submittal of the site plan for the NOP. 
  1. Henry Ranch (Builder: Joe Martin, Trumark Homes) An approved development of 97 single-family residential homes on 74.35 acres at the eastern terminus of Lincoln Avenue – The Tract 920 development proposal was originally approved in 2007 and an extension of the associated Development Agreement was approved in 2016. Trumark Homes acquired the property in 2018 and intends to complete the subdivision. A revised substantial conformance plan for the Certified Tentative Map was submitted January 15, 2019, and approved the last week of January.  Final Map, grading plans and improvement plans were submitted for initial review on February 12, 2019, with staff comments expected to be provided by March 25, 2019.  A demolition permit for the former packinghouse structures was submitted on February 14, 2019.  Planning and Engineering provided comments on the demo permit on February 20, 2019, including the need to lead-based paint and asbestos clearance as well as an erosion control plan.  Architectural plans were submitted for Design Review on February 15, 2019, and comments were issued on March 14, 2019.  A vegetation removal permit was issued on March 21, 2019.  Final engineering comments were returned on March 25, 2019.  
  1. Del Prado (Developer: Kerry Garza, Touchstone Communities) – An approved 113-unit townhome-style Planned Development located at the southwestern corner of Brotherton Road and the Centre City Parkway frontage road - The Del Prado project was approved by the City Council in May of 2016. The project site is separated into two parcels by an SDGE parcel.  Engineering and Planning are reviewing third plan check for the final map, grading and improvement plans for Del Prado South.  Del Prado North is in second plan check for the same plans.  No building plans have been submitted into plan check. 
  1. Accessory Dwelling Units – Planning staff is currently working on five applications for accessory dwelling units. Five accessory dwelling units have been approved so far this year. 24 accessory dwelling units were approved in 2018.  Three accessory dwelling units were approved in 2017.

Building Division: 

  1. The Building Division issued 73 permits (including 30 solar photovoltaic) with a total valuation of $1,924,503. 
  1. Our building inspectors responded to 131 inspection requests. 163 customers visited the Building counter during the week. 
  1. The Meadowbrook three-story apartment building with underground garage at 2081 Garden Valley Glen has received final Fire inspection approval. 
  1. No change from the previous. The Westminster Seminary at 1725 Bear Valley Pkwy so far has received final inspection approval and Temporary Certificates of Occupancy for all buildings except for Buildings B and H.  Final building inspection was conducted for building B on 3/4/19 and the contractor is working on the corrections.  
  1. No change from the previous. The Emmanuel Faith Church at 639 E. 17th received final inspection corrections on 3/4/19 and they are working on the inspection corrections. 
  1. No change from the previous. The Latitude 2 apartment project at 650 N. Center City Pkwy has received building final approvals and Temporary Certificates of Occupancy for Buildings 1-4 and drywall approval for Buildings 6.  
  1. No change from the previous. The new two-story church sanctuary building at 1864 N. Broadway has received rough framing approval. 
  1. No change from the previous. The Citron multifamily project at 2516 S. Escondido Blvd has received final Building and Fire approvals for Buildings 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10, as well as approvals for temporary electrical service for Buildings 7 and gas meter for Building 6. 
  1. No change from the previous. The new 105-room hotel at 200 La Terraza Blvd is requesting a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for staff training only and gas meter release.  
  1. The four-story, 102,774 square foot self-storage building at 222 W. Mission Ave is requesting a temporary Certificate of Occupancy. The final inspection will occur this week. 
  1. The new five-story self-storage building at 852 Metcalf St. is receiving rough framing and drywall inspection weekly until completed. 
  1. The Gateway Grand 126-unit apartment project at 700 W. Grand Ave has received approval for sewer lateral connections for Buildings A-C and underground plumbing for Building C. 
  1. No change from the previous. The new apartments at 917 W. Lincoln Ave have received inspection approval for exterior framing for buildings B and C. The project has 3 buildings and 9 total units. 
  1. Plans were submitted for plan review for a two-story, eight-unit apartment building at 350 W. 10th Ave. 
  1. Permits were issued for a new two-story office building at 1564 W. Mission Ave. 


Capital Improvements 

  1. 2018 Street Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project – This year’s program will focus on residential areas south of Felicita and east of I-15 with major work on Citricado Parkway, Escondido Boulevard, Del Lago Boulevard, Centre City Parkway, Felicita Road, and Bear Valley Parkway. The concrete element is along Centre City Parkway and Citracado Parkway for the installation of 4 new ADA curb ramps this week. The pavement restoration is being done along the Redwood/Montview Drive area this week. For more information on the City’s Street Maintenance Program including a comprehensive list of streets to be treated follow the link: (Link).
  2. Valley Parkway/Valley Center Road Widening Project: Calendar Day 409No changes from that reported last week: Work on the punch list item is the focus of work this week. The landscape up-lighting is operational for the Welcome Escondido monument.
  3. Transit Center Pedestrian Bridge ProjectNo changes from that reported last week: Transit Center Pedestrian Bridge and Spruce Street Channel Improvement Project bid opening was held January 24. The preconstruction meeting is being scheduled. Safety training was completed for City staff working within North County Transit District right-of-way is set for next week.  
  4. Missing Link Project – The mid-block pedestrian meter has been released for installation. The signal activation is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23rd.            
  5. HSIP Traffic Signal Project No changes from that reported last week: The project will provide new traffic signals at Valley Parkway/Date Street and El Norte Parkway/Fig Street intersections. The project is funded by the Highway Safety Improvements Projects. The Notice to Proceed has been issued and the traffic signal poles have been ordered. The construction of the surface improvements will begin on May 6th, 2019. All submittals have been reviewed and approved.
  6. Tulip Street Improvements Phase IV –The construction of retaining walls is continuing along Tulip Street. Water laterals are being potholed and new laterals installed. SDG&E will be mobilizing on Wednesday of this week to complete relocation of the gas lateral.
  7. Multi Neighborhood Street Light L.E.D. Retrofit Project No changes from that reported last week: The project will upgrade 644 existing high-pressure sodium lights with energy efficient L.E.D. fixtures. The project boundaries are Lincoln Avenue to the north, 13th Avenue to the south, Ash Street to the east, and Upas Street to the west. The winning bid came in below the engineer’s estimate which will allow for the installation of an additional 100 lights. The project preconstruction meeting was held on Thursday, February 21. The new light fixtures have an anticipated delivery date of April 17. The work to install will commence immediately after delivery.
  8. Storm Drain Pipe Lining and Rehabilitation Project Phase1 No changes from that reported last week: The project consists of 14 work zones and 3 Bid Alternate locations for the videoing, grouting, repairing, and lining of existing corrugated metal pipes (CMP) within the City’s inventory. The project bid opening was January 10, 2019. Four Engineering contractors supplied bids. The apparent low bidder was Sancon Engineering Inc. with a bid of $841,310.00. The Engineers estimate for the project was $746,734.00. The first day of the 120 construction calendar days was Monday of this week.

 Private Development

  1. Centre City Shopping Center Portions of the Centre City Parkway and Mission Avenue frontage were repaved during a nighttime operation this week. This completes the remaining punch list items for this project. This will complete the reporting of this project.
  2. Tract 932 - Canyon Grove Shea Homes Community No changes from that reported last week: Engineering will be finagling 9 additional houses this week. Of the 179 home lots developed since the start of construction on February 11, 2016, only 14 remain under construction. 
  3. Latitude II Condominiums by a Lyon Homes Partnership: Washington Avenue @ Centre City Parkway No changes from that reported last week: Restoration of the onsite pavement was completed this week.
  4. Tract 934 – Is a 5 lot subdivision located at 1207 Gamble Street. The contractor is set to start water line construction in Gamble Street this week.
  5. Veterans VillageNo changes from that reported last week: The project has been walked and a punch list has been provided. One building will be released for occupancy this week.   
  6. KB Homes Oak Creek Project -  The preconstruction meeting for the approved grading plan is set for this week. The project is located at the intersection of Hamilton Lane and Miller Avenue.
  7. Escondido Self Storage - No changes from that reported last week: The grading of the project is idled. Offsite utility construction has begun along Brotherton Road. The project is located at the southwest corner of Brotherton Road and Cranston Drive.
  8. Citron Development No changes from that reported last week: The contractor completed restoration of the main driveway entrance this week.
  9. ATT Facility Tank Relocation – Dewatering of the excavation is the order of the work this week.
  10. North American Self Storage – A temporary high line is required prior to construction of the new water main. The water quality testing should be completed this week. The water line work at Mission Avenue will be done during a nighttime operation. The project is located at 852 Metcalf Street.
  11. Daley Ranch - SDG&E has made temporary repairs to Jack Creek Meadow loop trail this week. Heavy winter rains had caused a washout to occur near a previous repair, requiring the closure of this portion of the trail. A permanent solution is being engineered which will require additional permits to be secured. The trail will be reopened by week’s end to all users of the ranch.


None this week.