• This weekend Escondido will be hosting Cal South State Cup Soccer tournament at Ryan Park.  They will be dinning, shopping, and lodging with in the local area.  There will be a total of 68 games played on the 8 fields at Ryan Park.  Games start at 8:00am and will go to around 6:00 pm on Saturday, April 20 and to 4:30 pm on Sunday, the 21st. There will be Quarterfinal games Sunday afternoon. 

• Girls – under 14
• Boys – under 19 & under 14



  • The City Clerk has received a Notice of Intent to Circulate an Initiative pertaining to the Escondido Country Club (ECC). The draft initiative proposes a General Plan amendment and zone change to designate the ECC as an Open Space-Park, to permit the improvement, operation and maintenance of a golf course, clubhouse and recreational facilities. The initiative language is under review by the City Attorney.
  • Westfield indicates they will be submitting a draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the proposed pylon sign (with the electronic display) for staff review during the first week of May. Staff has authorized them to use an outside consultant to prepare the document for staff review as a way to expedite processing. They hope to install the sign by year end. 
  • Approximately 350 people attended a meeting on 4/15/13 at the library organized by Escondido’s Future regarding the conceptual plan for a water park in Kit Carson Park. Materials provided to the Economic Development Subcommittee at their 2/27/13 meeting were presented. Numerous speakers addressed the audience, and the predominant views expressed strong opposition to a water park at this location.
  • Staff is evaluating potential street name and address change along Hidden Trails Road to eliminate confusing and conflicting addresses that could affect emergency responsiveness. The preferred solution would necessitate renumbering addresses for Ryan Park and Valley High School, rather than renumbering approximately 40 residents to the south. Preliminary discussion with a representative from the school district indicates support for the preferred solution, and the matter will be discussed with their board; however the implementation would likely be delayed until the summer.
  • A Plot Plan application has been received for a proposed winery in an existing 8,424 SF building at 2225 Barham Drive, Suite D. The applicant for the proposed BK Cellars is Joe Ames. The winery would include a tasting area, cellar area, storage area, office and laboratory.
  • Based on a review by an arborist, the large, historic  eucalyptus tree in Grape Day Park (near the Vinehenge art interactive play structure) poses a potential health and safety threat based on disease, insect infestation, age, and resulting ‘limb drop’ that has compromised the tree’s viability. In consultation with the City Attorney’s office, staff concludes that the tree poses a liability and should be removed.  A team of volunteer arborists will trim mature trees in Grape Day Park and CCAE parking lots on Friday, April 26, and are on schedule to trim up to 30% of the tree during their visit to the park that day. From there the City will act quickly to remove the remaining portions down to the height that can be safely integrated into a future play structure and bird roosting site.        


  • The building permit for the proposed Plan 9 Alehouse microbrewery at 155 Grand Ave. is anticipated to be issued this week. Fire and Building Code issues pertaining to the need for fire sprinklers have been resolved, and Utilities staff has been working closely with the applicant to address wastewater issues and monitoring.


Oak Hill Modular Site Improvements:

The street light subcontractor installed the poles this week along Oak Hill Drive. The fencing contractor is building the gate columns at the two driveway entrances. The landscaper is onsite installing the irrigation system.

Valley Parkway between Broadway and Maple

Sidewalk replacement is underway now as part of our effort to address “trip and fall” hazards.  This has been accelerated due to anticipated crowds in downtown for the AMGEN race. We will also using this opportunity to relocate the Palm trees back closer to the parking lot to provide more sidewalk area.

Private Development


Construction of the building and the surrounding infrastructures is continuing at a positive rate.

Mission Avenue 69 kv Electrical Line:

As part of their Bore operation, SDG&E has been given permission to close the intersection at Enterprise and Mission Avenue beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, April 19, to 6:00 a.m. Monday, April 22.  They will do this for the next 3 weekends and will be notifying any affected businesses along the route. The progress on the Jack and Bore operation is continuing. The Jacking Pit is completed and the excavation of the Receiving Pit started last Monday night. The tentative schedule is to have the boring contractor start the crossing on Thursday evening and continue unabated until he has completed the 135’ long crossing. The second excavation crew is crossing Fig Street at the Mission Avenue intersection. The third crew is entering the Ash Street substation in preparation to tying the substation conduits. The permanent resurfacing of the trench line is scheduled to start this Thursday morning near the Enterprise Street intersection and proceed east bound to the Rock Springs Road intersection. The contractor has electronic message boards in place notifying of the possible delays for travel along the east bound side if Mission Avenue.

Adopt a Lot: Heritage Garden

The vehicle parking area for the park was paved along the alley this week. The paving stones are being installed for the gazebo and pedestrian path way this week.

713 W 13th Avenue: Redwood Terrace

Curb ramps and sidewalk are being poured along Redwood Street at 12th Avenue.

Lincoln Avenue @ Midway Drive gas main replacement and  testing station:

The contractor started to pot hole the existing gas main at the tie points this week. The replacement pipeline should start next week.

Rincon Del Diablo Water Main Replacement:

The permanent asphalt trench resurfacing was completed this week along West Valley Parkway between Avenida del Diablo and Citracado Parkway. The project has been under construction since August of last year. As part of the Encroachment Permit process staff required that a full travel lane be repaved along this section of roadway to ensure that the parkway was returned to its previous condition.  

Facility Improvements

City Hall Exterior:

  • Painting has begun on the front façade facing Broadway and Valley Parkway.
  • North side of City Hall has been painted from the Park View Room to the western entrance area of the Mitchell Room.
  • Painting of doors, railings and window trim is continuing.


  • The Conference Center and Community Theater pressure washing is 80% complete.

EVCC Interior Improvements:

  • A final meeting on the reception counter design is scheduled for next week.

Library Roof Replacement:

  • The start date for the roof replacement work is still being coordinated with the contractor’s schedule.



  • Police staff attended a dedication ceremony last week at the San Diego Safari Park for Chelsea King and Amber Dubois. The Lake Hodges Bridge and portions of Hwy 78 were dedicated in memory to Chelsea and Amber. Information and pictures were posted on the PD Facebook.
  • The PD Facebook is now past the 600 likes. They continue to grow and will be posting often. KNSD made a positive comment about PD’s Facebook site and they are considering a story.
  • On Wednesday, April 17 there was a Town Hall Meeting at Escondido High School that Police staff attended. Qualcomm is working on a pilot program they will be testing at EHS and Rincon as well as some schools in Poway. It is a new product they want to test to help parents with locating their children for safety purposes. PD will be at the meeting for support and  will report back more details in next week's report.
  • On Thursday of this week at 6:00 p.m., the Police Department hosted a graduation ceremony for FIT Program grads.
  • Grape Day Park Task Force
    • The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 596 extra patrols in the park, 117 field interviews, 71 citations and 63 arrests.
    • Community Services has ordered the new benches and tables for Grape Day Park and hope they will be here in time for Amgen. Two new “porta-potties” have been installed adjacent to the south side of the Grape Day bathrooms.  The existing bathrooms have already been repainted, cleaned and secured for use during special events only.
    • The new playground equipment is still in the selection phase and we  hope to move forward after Amgen is completed.  On Friday, April 26, a number of tree trimmer crews will donate their time for Arbor day to evaluate, clean up and lace the existing trees in Grape Day, Center for the Arts and Woodward lot. 
    • Police officers continue their enforcement efforts in the park but have increased their focus on Maple Plaza.  According to public works there has been very limited vandalism and graffiti in the plaza. 
    • Signature Pavilion – The property manager, Eddie Goldberg stated that he has noticed a number of Juggalos loitering on the property from 11 am to 2 pm.  He has already notified his security company to change the start times of the security guards to help combat this new trend.  He reported that they have vandalized one of his tables. 
    • Center for the Arts- reported two small incidents of graffiti near the small theater.  It was removed quickly.  No suspect information was available.
    • History Center- Wendy Barker, stated she has never seen the park so clean and problem free and was very thankful for everyone’s help in restoring the park. 
    • Classical Academy/ Boys and Girls Club/ Children’s Museum reported no problems.
    • The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday May 14. 


The new EMS program is coming along very well. The first group of Non-Safety Paramedics completed their field mentorship training on Thursday, April 18. The Non-Safety Paramedics will staff Medic Ambulances (MA) 1397 and MA 1399 the next day. Also, on Friday, April 19, we will place our 7th Engine Company in service at Fire Station 6 on Del Dios Road. All of our fire stations will be open and operational at that time. Our second group of Non-Safety Paramedics will begin their training on April 29. Once they complete their field training we will increase our EMS transport capabilities to six ambulances during the day and four at night. The new EMS program has taken a lot of time and work from all of our employees to implement and train our new paramedics. We are excited and looking forward to having the program fully implemented which will improve customer service to the citizens we serve.