• Attached is information regarding the number of film permits issued and special events held for the first quarter of 2013.  We had a very full calendar in March.
  • This weekend Escondido will be hosting the Cal South State Cup Soccer tournament at Ryan Park.  Participants and their families will be dinning, shopping, and lodging within the local area.  There will be a total of 96 games played on the 8 fields at Ryan Park with an estimate of 1,000 to 1,500 players and spectators.  Games start at 8:00 a.m. and will go until 7:00 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday April 13 & 14.  This weekend’s event will be catering to the youth Older Presidents Divisions.  Our staff has heard that there will be a handful of out of town college scouts attending this tournament, especially for the Girls divisions.
  • Clarifying information about the Country Club and Waterpark will be placed on the City’s main website to ensure the public has accurate information about these issues.



The owner of On the Border restaurant is concerned about the proposed site plan for the new restaurant pad at Westfield, as approved under the Master Plan for the mall expansion. Westfield is responsible for construction of the site improvements for the new restaurant.  The new pad encroaches into the areas that are heavily used by On the Border patrons, requiring customers to park across the entry driveway in an inconvenient location with a change in grade. While staff is investigating the feasibility of relocating the pad further away from the existing restaurant it could potentially necessitate relocation of a sewer line. Staff has advised that this is essentially a landlord/tenant issue to resolve with Westfield.


Tenant improvement plans for the proposed microbrewery at 155 Grand (Plan 9 Alehouse) have been approved by most departments. A key remaining issue is the need for a wastewater flow meter, to monitor discharge compliance with our NPDES permit. The nature of the waste discharge from breweries is an important factor affecting the operating of the HARRF. Utilities staff has been in communication with the applicant on a daily basis via phone and emails to address this requirement.


Oak Hill Modular Site Improvements:

The contractor is completing the finish grading behind the sidewalk area in preparation to installing the landscaping.

Private Development


The building’s shell is approaching 65 percent completion. The work on the water and sewer pipelines onsite are continuing as well as the parking lot area.

Mission Avenue 69 KV Electrical Line:

Enterprise Street north bound at Mission Avenue was closed to through traffic this past Monday. The contractor has placed 6 message boards notifying of the closure and announcing that the businesses are open. In today’s safety meeting SDG&E reviewed an upgraded boring device that would shorten the road closure by one week and guarantee that if they encounter rock during the boring operation it will have no effect to the proposed time line of three weeks. Excavation of the boring & receiving pit will continue this week with the boring operation set to begin on Monday evening. Crews are continuing with conduit installation along Mission Avenue at Fig Street and on Ash Street at Mission Avenue. The contractor has completed 86 percent of the conduit installation to date which required the removal of 536,700.00 gallons of ground water to pumped treated and disposed of.

Adopt a Lot: Heritage Garden

The park was a big hit during Cruisin’ Grand this past Friday. The finishing touches should be in place in a few weeks.

713 West 13th Avenue: Redwood Terrace

The project will continue this week with curb ramps and curb and gutter and sidewalk being poured along 12 Avenue and Spruce Street.

Facility Improvements

City Hall Exterior:

  • Stucco repairs have been completed.
  • We began painting the north side of the main building.
  • Some of the green doors and window trim have been painted.


  • Pressure washing of the Museum has been completed.
  • The Conference Center and Community Theater pressure washing has started.
  • Remodeling of the Conference Center restrooms has been completed, with the exception of a few minor details.

EVCC Interior Improvements:

  • Reception counter design is being reviewed – sample materials are being selected.

Library Roof Replacement:

  • Additional repairs are needed on the flat roofs. The City Council approved the work on April 3, 2013.



  • The Red Cross Blood Drive at the PD last week was not as successful as hoped.  Only 15 pints of blood was collected which may have been due to Spring Break.  The next Blood Drive is set for June 19 and with a greater internal publicity effort PD hopes to get back up to the 38 or so pints they have had with past blood drives.
  • Neal Griffin returned from the FBI National Academy.  He is working in Investigations and will be overseeing the bureau.
  • On Friday April 5, 2013 the Police Department conducted a curfew sweep throughout the City of Escondido.  As a result of the sweep, a total of 25 juveniles were arrested for curfew violations.  The juveniles were transported to the police station and eventually released to their parent/guardian.  Of the 25 arrested, 18 were males and 7 were females.   Sixteen of the juveniles were processed through the Escondido Police Department’s Diversion Program rather than being referred to juvenile court.  Escondido Police partners with Escondido Education Compact in the management of our Diversion Program.  Each of the juveniles arrested were screened and referred to the juvenile diversion program based on numerous criteria which include criminal history, severity of offense and cooperation of the juvenile and parent.  The diversion program gives the juvenile an opportunity to participate in a structured process aimed at improving their decision making abilities in an effort to reduce future law enforcement contacts.

    The City of Escondido’s current curfew hours are 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. the following day.  Escondido Police will continue to conduct frequent curfew sweeps throughout the remainder of the year. 

  • Grape Day Task Force:
    The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 589 extra patrols in the park, 117 field interviews, 68 citations and 64 arrests.

    The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday April 16, 2013.  


Attached is a copy of Fire incident statistics for February 2013.


City staff recently became aware of a grant that would provide funding for the design of a staging or entrance plaza for Escondido Creek.  The plaza is proposed off of Beech Street behind the Fresh and Easy store. The grant had been applied for and obtained by the Reveal Escondido Creek (REC) group.  The group was authorized by Council to apply for grants relating to Escondido Creek.  However they didn’t mention to the City that they had applied for this grant and as a result we were unaware of the nature of the project and the location.  Recently Kathy Regazzi, representing the REC asked if the City would accept the grant.  Staff has told her that at this point we can’t accept the grant until we have had a chance to evaluate the project and the location. At first glance the Beech Street site would probably not be the City’s first priority for this type of entrance facility.  Besides evaluating the proposed site we will also be looking at whether it is possible to transfer the design grant to another location.