What is "real property"?

Real Property differentiates real estate from personal property.

What are the functions of the Real Property Section?

Real Property handles Asset Management (which includes property management and lease management), disposes of surplus properties, negotiates for and acquires land rights needed for the City's CIP projects, acquires and grants easement deeds,  processes street vacations, provides relocation assistance, and provides all other general functions related to municipal real estate matters.

What types of real property are in the City's inventory?

You are familiar with most: City Hall, Police and Fire facilities, the California Center for the Arts, parks, libraries, etc.  Other lesser known properties held by the City include: water and sewage treatment plants, water and sewer pumping stations, flood control waterways, open space areas, commercial leased property, reservoirs, etc.

How are the City's real estate assets categorized?

Municipal real property is categorized as either Excess (available for lease until a higher/better use is identified), Surplus (available to sell), Hold for Future Use, Investment Property (intended to capture rental revenue), City Facility, Redevelopment Successor Agency asset, or Housing Successor Agency asset.

What is the City doing with its former Redevelopment Agency properties?

We are strategically managing our portfolio to achieve the highest value on each of our properties, including former RDA properties. The City requires fair market value on all sales and leases of City-owned properties, as determined by an appraisal and/or a broker’s opinion of value.

What if I want to lease or buy City property?

Available properties for lease and for sale are posted on the City’s Real Property web page. Please contact the listing broker for the property you are interested in. If a City property is not listed and you are interested in purchasing an unlisted property, there is a $2,500 non-refundable fee after an initial inquiry is made, and the interested party is requested to provide a title report and an appraisal. All sales and leases must reflect the fair market value and must be authorized by the City Council. Proposals for sale or lease of unlisted properties are handled in the order they are received.

What if I want to donate land to the City?

Donations that add value to the City’s real property portfolio are appreciated. If you would like to make a donation, you may contact the Real Property section. Please provide an APN or address and any other information you have available about the property (zoning, title report, maps, etc.). The City will review the property and determine if it is in the City’s best interest to accept the donation.

How do I find out if a property is owned by the City and/or obtain information about a property?

Contact Real Property with the street address of the property and/or the Assessor’s Parcel No. that you are interested in receiving information about. Please note: requests for information and/or research are handled in the order they are received. Staff makes every effort to respond to public inquires in a timely fashion, however, in order to provide high levels of customer service to all our customers, we do not process requests out of line. If your request is time sensitive, please include that information in your initial request so that staff can address those needs.

What if I want to process a street vacation?

If you would like to request a street vacation, please submit a request in writing to the Engineering Department and include a legal description and plat map, the title report of the applicant’s property, along with a $1,200.00 processing fee. Engineering Services staff will determine if the vacation is possible. Real Property will send notice of the street vacation request to the local utilities. There is a thirty (30) day period for comment from the utilities. If there are no utilities conflicts, the street vacation will be placed on the City Council docket to set the public hearing date. The public hearing will take place at least fifteen days following the first Council meeting. Street Vacations are processed in accordance with California Streets and Highways Code Section 8320, et seq.

How do I do business with the Real Property Section?

Real Property staff relies on our vendors and consultants for title support, right of way support, appraisal services and real estate brokerage services. The best way to be considered for providing professional services to the Real Property section is to send your company’s information to the Real Property Manager by mail or email. As services are needed, staff will contact firms for informal or formal proposals, depending on the nature of the services being sought.