Lake Wohlford

  • Alcohol prohibited in all areas.
  • No swimming, wading or bodily contact with the water. This is a domestic drinking water reservoir.
  • Pets are strictly forbidden in the park.
  • Fires are not permitted—extreme fire danger.
  • Daily permits are required for fishing.
  • Restricted Areas:
    • West End of Lake—lake and shoreline between buoy line and dam closed to the public.
    • East End of Lake—lake and shoreline upstream from buoy line closed to the public.
  • All State Fish and Game laws, litter laws, and Health Department laws will be enforced.
  • Kernel corn is prohibited as bait.
  • Motor vehicles, motor bikes, mopeds, and any other motorized devices must stay in approved areas and be operated so as not to disturb people fishing.
  • No boats will be operated by persons under 16, unless accompanied by an adult.
  • No private watercraft allowed.
  • Report all fish caught to dock attendant.
  • Violators of any lake rule may be asked to leave lake property.
  • No glass containers of any kind allowed.
  • Permits are not transferable.

Failure to comply with park regulations may cause immediate suspension by the Park Ranger of fishing privileges within the park. All fees will be forfeited.