City of Escondido


Lake Dixon Fish Report

Date: December 27, 2017

Park hours: 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  

Dock closes:  4:00 p.m. (Boats called in @ 3:45 p.m.)

Last Plant: December 20 - 1500 pounds of Rainbow Trout

Next Plant: January 3, 2018 - 1500 pounds of Rainbow Trout

Water Temperature: 63.8 degrees      Water Level: steady  to higher levels

Winter is here, but you'd never know it by the daytime temps.  Lows in the 40's give way to highs in the 70's (and maybe low 80's later this week).  Happy holidays from Southern California!

Cooler water temps mean great trout fishing every day. We've seen lots of limits from Trout Cove and Boat Dock Cove.  Expect larger than average crowds due to kids (and parents) off for the holidays.  Boats are selling out early, usually by 8:00.  Remember, there is no "catch & release" on trout, so if you catch it, you keep it.  Rangers are available to answer questions, provide advice and to monitor angler activity.  Over limits will result in forfeiture of your entire catch, and loss of fishing privileges for seventy-two (72) hours.  Best to just take home the fish you catch.    

Because we're getting our fish from Calaveras Trout Farm in Merced, expect to have to the tackle box loaded to throw at these trout.  Every day seems to require a different setup, so just be prepared.  According to the owners of Calaveras....try a small chunk of night crawler and a small split shot with a long leader to about 30 inches or so.  Best producing baits have been mini jigs, rooster tails. Kastmasters,Thomas buoyants, mice tails and power worms with garlic flavored power baits. The stocks have all been after 12pm.....unlike the two day drive from Nebraska, it only takes them 7 hours from the Merced area.

The 39th Annual Dixon Lake derby was an exciting one till the end of the last day and even changed the last 5 minutes before the weigh station closed. We are finalizing the results, but it looks like Tanner Holt weighed in the crushing blow just 5 minutes prior to the end of day 3 on Sunday. His trout outweighed his girlfriend's trout by just .02 ounces at 7.68 lbs.  Katelyn Woods had the leader spot most of Sunday with a beautiful 7.66 lbs. which she took the wind out of everyone's sail with her lady luck....way to go.  She placed in the adult grand prize and not the overall winner. close Katelyn. There is always next year.

All of the bass have went through the spawning period and the lake has seen large numbers of bass fry....future world records. Persistence pays off at this lake.  As always, to preserve the bass population, always capture the photo and then practice  catch and release.  For you jig chucker's....try any thing that matches the bait which resembles a small silver minnow or a small rainbow trout jig for the bigger bass. The bass have been starting to chase some smaller chad schools in the cove area. The winter fishing for bass has some signs in the cove areas using live bait especially on the crawdads.  Nice size bass are showing since the start of the trout season.

 A NEW LAKE RECORD.... from our last year derby grand prize winner and a lake record was broken by Don Stephensen  (long time angler)  who pulled in a 16.82 pound Tailwalker rainbow trout while only using 4 pound test fishing line. The fish battled for 20 minutes before finally coming ashore. Don was using a "green smoking worm jig" between Pier #2 and Trout cove shoreline.  Don didn't give much time for the ink to dry as Steve Capps's name was only there for less than 6 weeks. It the third trout this season to be over the 16 pound mark. Check out our website for these wall of fame photos and other fish photos       

Dixon Lake staff encourages anglers who qualify to take advantage of “Senior/Military Wednesdays.” Senior citizens 60 and better and military personnel are eligible to rent an all-day motor boat for $18, or an all-day row boat for $12  Permits are $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for seniors over 60 and youths between the ages of 8-15 years old.

For more information on park rules, future stocking schedules, and other information, please call the Dixon Lake Ranger station at 760-839-4680, or visit

Dixon Lake can be found on Facebook at

Dixon Lake has been granted an Aquaculture Permit by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Therefore, anglers are not required to have a California fishing license while fishing at Dixon Lake.  However, all anglers 8 years and older must purchase a daily lake fishing permit (Adults - $7.00, Youth ages 8-15 and Seniors 60 and better $5.00). A second rod permit can be purchased for an additional $2.00.  Fishing permits are available for purchase at the concession stand near the Ranger Station.  You must have a valid fishing permit with you prior to starting to fish.  All other park rules, fishing regulations and City of Escondido municipal codes will remain in effect and will be enforced by Park Rangers.