April 26, 2018


Escondido’s Award Winning Students
Escondido students from schools across the City were recognized at this week’s City Council meeting for their creative recycled art! To view all the entries, including the winning art work, visit the City’s Recycling Division’s Facebook or Instagram. 

Stone Brewing Named “Facility of the Year”
The California Water Environment Association has awarded Stone Brewing – Escondido the coveted P3S* Facility of the Year in Southern California. The award recognizes high performing leaders in the areas of waste management and pollution prevention. Read more here: Link 

Good News About Escondido’s Unemployment Rate
Escondido’s unemployment rate has dropped below the county average to 3.1% this month. This and other regional economic indicators are included in the San Diego Regional EDC’s “Economic Pulse.”

Scooter Competition Attracts International Riders
The City’s Sports Center hosted the 3rd Annual SoCal Spring Scooter (SSS 2) Competition on Saturday, April 21, 2018. The event was a huge success with 94 scooter riders competing in a total of 6 skill divisions from beginner to pro categories, over the course of the 8-hour competition.  International riders from as far away as New Zealand participated in our PRO Division that was won by Wyatt Anderson of Arizona.  2nd place- went to Raymond Warner of Murrieta, CA, and Jauwan “Juju” Smith of Nevada took 3rd place. 


Grand Avenue Median Facelift Project Begins Next Week
Over the past few months, city staff members have been working with private sector stakeholders and the Downtown Business Association to come up with a plan to beautify the medians along Grand Avenue. Several of the medians are no longer able to accommodate attractive, permanent landscaping due to an overgrowth of the existing tree roots. This has resulted in the need for constant, short-term replanting just to maintain minimum appearance standards. 

As part of the plan, the City will be removing the eucalyptus trees in the medians and planting new, drought-tolerant trees and plants. The Downtown Business Association has committed to investing grant funds they received from the county into the project. Plans for beautifying the medians in this semi “short term” effort are consistent with the Transnet grant application approved by city council on February 14, which will involve a much larger and longer term project. 

Tree removal work along Grand Avenue will begin Monday, April 30 and take approximately four days to complete. The entire project from start to finish (including tree removal) will take approximately eight weeks. The work schedule will not disrupt Cruisin’ Grand, the Farmers Market or the May 20 Street Faire. 

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April 19, 2018


City Working Hard to Make Necessary Repairs
The Air Conditioning system at the Art Center had a significant failure at the beginning of the month. The City is working hard to make the much needed to repairs in order to keep the Art Center’s patrons and performers comfortable. Staff hopes to complete the repairs this week.


Local Company Leads the Way in Power Technology
An Escondido company, TransPower, is helping fuel change in the nation's cargo transportation industry. To read more about TransPower or listen to the complete interview, visit: Link Here 

Sports Tourism in Escondido
This past weekend, the Cal South Soccer Tournament brought 60 teams to Ryan Park. It is estimated that 2,500 visited Escondido for this tournament last weekend.


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April 12, 2018


Fencing Tournament at East Valley Community Center
The City and the San Diego Fencing Center hosted the National Super Youth Circuit Fencing Tournament at the East Valley Community Center last week.  This tournament was held for children between the ages of 10 and 14 and drew a crowd of over 600 participants and their families to Escondido and the surrounding area. This was the second fencing tournament the EVCC has hosted and the San Diego Fencing Center is already working with staff to organize another tournament later this year.


Escondido Police and School Officials for School Safety
In the wake of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Escondido police and school officials announced a collaborative effort to ensure the safety of Escondido campuses. This includes public, private, and faith based schools. Virtually every aspect of school safety is being re-evaluated. This includes physical site security measures (fencing, gates, doors, and controlled access points), training, adding a School Resource Officer, and encouraging the reporting of suspicious activity.

Report It! App Tutorial Video
A handy tutorial video is now available for Escondido’s Report It app. This app is an efficient way to report problems that need to be addressed in our City. Watch a short tutorial video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1g0xParNQE 

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April 5, 2018

Escondido Students Turn Trash into Art

Look closely – nearly all of the materials used to create these amazing art pieces were headed for the trash or recycle bin. Kindergarten through 8th-grade students throughout Escondido participated in the 26th Annual Earth Day Poster Contest – these are the 30 finalists. The City-sponsored contest culminates in a City Council ceremony on April 18th, where students, their families and teachers find out who the winners are, meet the mayor, and enjoy a reception under the dome afterward. To see all of the entries, please visit the City of Escondido Recycling Facebook page

Visit Escondido!
Escondido is featured in About Town magazine’s Spring issue. The 3-page spread called “Hidden Treasure: Escondido offers numerous ways to pass the day” is featured in all 5 of their covers throughout the county. http://abouttownmagazines.com/2018/03/hidden-treasure/

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