December 7, 2017


Fishing Derby at Dixon Lake
Last week 6,000 pounds of rainbow trout were stocked at the lake for the annual Trout Derby, in addition the Hidden Valley Kiwanis provided approximately 300 bluegill to stock the “kiddy ponds.”  Anglers 7 and under fished from the ponds with the assistance of the Senior Anglers of Escondido.  

Tree Climbing Event Success!
Last week the United Tree Climbers Association held their annual Field Day in Grape Day Park in conjunction with our Public Works department. They successfully trimmed and climbed many trees in the park! Check out videos from the event on their official Facebook page: 

Visit Escondido at the Transit Center
The combined efforts of our Real Property and Tourism staff have successfully completed the project of updating the signage at the NCTD Transit Center. 

Reindeer and Holiday Cheer at the Art Center
6,000 people attended the Winter Wonderland this past weekend at our Art Center.  Attendees enjoyed visits with Santa, a light show, real snow and reindeer!

See Santa’s Reindeer in Escondido here: 

Students Weigh In on Escondido’s Future
On November 30th and December 1st, City staff conducted a visioning exercise and art lesson with 5th graders at Central Elementary.  After a group discussion about planning and land use, the students envisioned and shared ideas on what they would like to see develop on some vacant lots around their school.  The activity helped students learn more about government and recognize connections between government and a student’s everyday life.  Over 100 students participated.  This activity was possible by the South Centre City Specific Plan planning effort.  The results of the art exercise will be incorporated into the final planning document, which will be presented to Planning Commission and City Council for approval in early 2018.  For more information about the Project or the art lesson, please refer to the project website at


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November 30, 2017


Downtown is Holiday Ready!

With direction from City Council, City staff coordinated some extra holiday cheer in our downtown. Festive lights have been placed on the medians to help spread the holiday spirit!


Ray Love Tennis Center Repairs

Last week, City staff met with a representative from Ferandell Tennis Courts, Inc. to inspect all ten courts at Kit Carson Park and note areas of needed improvement. We will keep you posted on the next steps to keep our courts looking great. 


Grape Day Park Tree Trimming Event
On December 1-3, the Public Works Department is partnering with the United Tree Climbers Association to perform some required tree trimming and maintenance on overgrown trees in the park. This event will include a class training and certification component for staff and Tree Climbers Association members. We will share photos and video of this great collaboration in next week’s report. 

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November 16, 2017


Escondido’s Newest Community Leaders
On Monday, November 13, twenty community members graduated from our 10th Annual Neighborhood Leadership Training.  Along with 4 youth participants these new leaders had 8-weeks of training in strengthening interpersonal communication, team building and leadership skills. Graduates can apply these skills in their neighborhoods and bring about positive change that strengthens and improves the City of Escondido.


90 New Trees!
Five Rotary clubs have come together to donate 90 new trees in Escondido. The donated trees will be planted by volunteers and City staff on Saturday November 18. The majority of the trees will be going to Ryan Park; with others being planted at Mountain View, Jesmond Dene, Roy McLeod, Grape Day and Kit Carson parks. Thank you Rotarians for bringing new beautiful landscaping to our City! 

Paving Work Underway
The City’s annual paving maintenance contract for the northern sector is now in full swing.  Contractor Eagle Paving is hard at work grinding and resurfacing streets in this area of the City. More information can be found at 

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November 9, 2017


City Provides Recovery Assistance for Fire Victims
The Escondido Fire Department was contacted by a local family that were victims of a house fire this week (read more about the incident in the “Fire” section of this report). The family was especially thankful for the book they were given by Fire personnel, the "Red Book for Recovery" is produced for all agencies in San Diego County to give to victims of property damage outlining the recovery process. They were also given a gift card from the California Fire Foundation to help with immediate needs. 

Successful Solutions
In keeping our City safe, clean, and efficiently run, we have a couple of more bits of great news. The City Manager’s Office and COPPS unit have been meeting with officials from Emanuel Faith Community Church to tailor their efforts to help the homeless towards strategies used by the City and away from merely feeding people in the park.  This includes ride-alongs by Church members with the COPPS unit, and our staff visiting with the Church committee working on this topic.  

COPPS officer Lew Shaver is to be congratulated for a specialized effort:  A 58-year-old homeless man had been on the streets of Escondido for years.  Officer Shaver took advantage of resources from the District Attorney’s office, the North Inland Regional Recovery Center, and Travelers Aid to resolve outstanding law enforcement issues and reunite the man with his family in Louisiana.   Since the man had been the subject of police contacts on average of twice a month for the last seven years, this was a great use of resources, and a nice success story for this person.    

3rd Annual Escondido Tamale Festival
Saturday, November 11, 2017 | 11am - 5pm | Grape Day Park 

The Escondido Tamale Festival is a celebration of Tamales and all the great Latin foods that have become iconic staples of California's culture. It's a look back at the history of the Spanish and Mexican settlers who have influenced and contributed so much to our multicultural community, and a show of appreciation for the traditions which have so positively affected Escondido.  Mark your calendars and come to Escondido in North San Diego County for some traditional fun and the best tamales in Southern California! For more information visit:

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