In an effort to protect & enhance our creeks, the City of Escondido has developed water quality improvement and runoff management plans to demonstrate compliance with the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Order No. R9-2013-0001 (the MS4 Permit).  In addition to proposed updates to the Escondido Municipal Code, the following documents are to be considered for adoption at the May 6, 2015 City Council meeting.  These documents and associated notifications or updates will be posted on the Project Clean Water website, a regional clearinghouse for water quality information. 

Water Quality Improvement Plans (WQIPs) – WQIPs were developed for each of the City’s urbanized watersheds through coordination with other cities and a public consultation panel including stakeholders from the business, environmental, and regulatory communities.  The WQIP sets out activities and projects that will be implemented to improve water quality and how we will measure improvement.  The Plan can be adapted as we learn more about what works in improving water quality.

These plans will be submitted to the RWQCB by June 26, 2015 and will undergo public and regulatory comment period prior to approval and implementation.

Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan (JRMP) – The City has been implementing a Runoff Management Plan since municipal storm water requirements began in the early 2000’s. The JRMP is an update to previous plans incorporating new requirements of the MS4 Permit. The City’s Environmental Programs Division works with a number of City Departments to manage programs to detect and eliminate non-storm water discharges and reduce pollutants in storm water runoff. Programs include: Construction Site Operations, Development Planning, Industrial and Commercial Facilities, Municipal infrastructure and facility inspection and maintenance, Residential areas, and Education and Public Participation. The JRMP must be submitted to the RWQCB by June 26, 2015.